Can I display HTML pages without BrightAuthor:connected or BrightScript?

Yes. You can display a full-screen HTML page without having to publish with BrightAuthor:connected or write a custom script. Simply place the index.html file (along with related content files and folders) in the root folder of the SD card.

The player will use a default system font to display text, but you can use custom fonts by adding files to the SD card as well. Custom font support includes True Type Font files (.ttf) and Web Open Font files (.woff/.woff2). 

Note that, without BrightAuthor:connected or BrightScript, you cannot create multi-zone HTML presentations. However, there is a limited set of interactivity available for HTML pages via JavaScript BrightScript objects.

Because there is no presentation sync spec, publishing options are limited to Standalone (i.e. writing to the card and physically inserting it into the player). It is also possible to publish HTML files to the player remotely using the SD tab of the player’s Remote Diagnostic Web Server.

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