How to display a Google Calendar using a BrightAuthor:connected.

All BrightSign players can display a Google Calendar in an HTML 5 state.

How to display a Google Calendar on a player in full-screen mode (1920x1080):

  1. In Google Calendar navigate to My Calendars located on the left side of the page directly below the overview of the current month. 
  2. Locate the calendar you wish to display on your player under My Calendars. Then, hover your mouse over the name of that calendar and click Options for "Name of Calendar" > Settings and sharing.
  3. Check the Make available to public box and click Ok.
  4. Scroll down to Integrate calendar and copy the URL in the Public URL to this calendar box.
  5. In BrightAuthor:connected, create a new presentation by navigating to Presentation > New Presentation.
  6. Drag and drop an HTML 5 state from Widgets into the presentation. 
  7. Go to State Properties > Source > Site Source and paste the URL from Google Calendar into the URL field.

Note: We suggest refreshing the page by adding a Timeout event of 30 seconds to the HTML state. This will ensure that changes will be displayed within an acceptable time. 

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    I've tried to add a public link to my Google Calendar, but I just get a blank white screen on my display. Am I missing something?

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    In addition to offering a remedy, I would want to address a few of the issues stated. This can apply to geometry dash unblocked on my screen.

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