How do I play a YouTube video on my player with BrightAuthor:connected?

Note: This article outlines how to display a single YouTube video on a BrightSign player. For instructions on how to display a YouTube playlist on a BrightSign player, refer to this article. If you are unsure whether your URL is for a single video or playlist, refer to this article.

Step-By-Step Instructions 

1. Open the YouTube video or playlist you wish to display on your player in a web browser on your computer.
2. Locate the URL that is located in the address bar to identify the type of YouTube video. Below is an example of a single video and it's URL is
3. For the video to be playable on a player, we need to extract a few elements from the URL. First, we need the ID of the video, which is a "v" parameter and appears after the v= in the URL. For the video ID is y1XxnZA1yiQ.
4. The base of the URL that will be given to the player to display the video is Add the video ID to the end of the base URL, for example, 
5. Next, we need to add the playlist, to do this add ?playlist= to the end of the URL:
6. The playlist ID needs to be added, which for this link is the same as the video ID as it is a single video, not a playlist:
7. A series of parameters need to be added to control the aspects of the video. To automatically start playing the video without interaction, we need to add &autoplay=1:
Note: These steps outline the parameters used for a non-interactive display. Different parameters are needed if you wish to display the video interactively. 
8. Add &rel=0 to the end of the URL to eliminate related videos appearing at the end of the video:
9. Add &controls=0 to turn off video controls as they aren't useful in a non-interactive environment:
10. Add &showinfo=0 to the URL to eliminate video info/titles displaying:
11. To loop the video when it reaches the end add &loop=1:
12. In BrightAuthor:connected copy and paste the finished URL into a HTML 5 widget (State properties > Source > Site Source).
13. In State Properties > Source > Options ensure that Enable BrightSign javascript, Enable native video playback, and Enable cross domain policy checks are all enabled.

Note: BrightAuthor:connected does not know when a YouTube video ends. If you want your presentation to move to a different state after the video is complete, make sure that there is a Timeout Event set to the HTML 5 state. 
14. Publish the presentation. 
Note: Not all YouTube videos can be embedded, and some aren't in a compatible format for our players. 
For more URL parameters, see YouTube's Player Parameters page:
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    James Laurino

    Thank you, this works!


    Is there a way to enable captions for this? I tried &cc_lang_pref=en&cc_load_policy=1 in the URL as well as both enabled and disable "native video playback"

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