How do I add a plugin to a BrightAuthor:connected presentation?

Note: All plugins for BrightAuthor are supported in BrightAuthor:connected.

How to upload a plugin to the

Important: Ignore the immediate steps below if you don't have access to the 

  1. Navigate to the Content drop down bar. 
  2. Under Content > New Component select Upload Script.
  3. Select the plugin script from your files to add it to the Content Library. 
  4. The plugin script can now be uploaded to a BrightAuthor:connected presentation through the 

How to add a plugin to a BrightAuthor:connected presentation:

  1. Open an existing presentation or create a new presentation from the Presentation drop down tab.
  2. Navigate to Presentation Settings > Support Content.
  3. Under Support Content click the "+ " beside Script Plugin (or Parser Plugin, depending on which type of script you wish to upload) to add a plugin. 
  4. Enter the name of the script in the Script Plugin Name (for Script Plugin) or Parser Plugin Name (for Parser Plugin) fields. See below for instructions on how to locate the name of the Object that will be returned by a script plugin (for script plugins only).
  5. If you uploaded the plugin to the, add the plugin to a presentation by navigating to Script Plugin Source > BSN Scripts (for Script Plugin) or Parser Plugin Source > BSN Parsers (for Parser Plugin). If you don't have access to the, navigate to Script Plugin Source > Local Script Plugin (for Script Plugin) or Parser Plugin Source > Local Parser Plugin (for Parser plugin) to add a plugin locally. 

Note: If the plugin source isn't available, confirm that the BrightScript site is uploaded to the BrightAuthor:connected Content Library under Components > Scripts

How to find the name of the Object that will be returned by the plugin:

To locate the name of the object, open the plugin with a text editor and locate the initialization function at the beginning of the script: It will begin with the line "Function [plugin]_Initialize(...) As Object". Then, locate the "return" call at the end of this function--the returned object name must match the text in the Script Plugin Name field.


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