How to: Web Folder (Simple File Network) Setup with BrightAuthor:connected

Setting Up Simple File Networking (Web Folder) with BrightSign

The Web Folder (Simple File Networking) setup allows you to publish content from BrightAuthor:connected to an HTTP/web server which can be internal or external, and your BrightSign player then downloads and plays the content from this server.

Using an HTTP Server for Storage: Your HTTP server serves as the dedicated storage location for your presentation files. The player downloads and plays these files.

File Download Method: It's important to note that the player downloads files via HTTP. Please be aware that file retrieval via FTP, as well as file downloads from Network Attached Storage (NAS), are not supported. Additionally, using Dropbox for content storage is not a compatible option.

Server Configuration Responsibility: Please be aware that setting up and configuring the HTTP server is your responsibility. We do not provide support for this specific aspect.

Considerations: Setting up an HTTP server can be complex, especially in production environments. If you are not familiar with server administration, we recommend seeking professional assistance or considering managed hosting services that handle server setup and maintenance.

Once you have your HTTP server ready, you can proceed with the player setup instructions below.


Configuring a Player with Web Folder (Simple File Networking):

  1. Begin by navigating to Admin > Setup to initiate the player setup process.
  2. Navigate to the Publishing Mode section and select "Web Folder."
  3. In the "URL for Web Folder" field enter the URL that corresponds to the location where your files are accessible. For example, entering "" would download the "current-sync.json" file in a web browser. Please input only the folder URL (e.g., ""). The player will download presentations from this location.
  4. (Optional) If needed, you can enter a User Name and Password to enable digest authentication between the BrightSign player and the server.
  5. Click "Save Setup" to store setup files on a blank SD card. Please ensure that the SD card is formatted in exFAT or FAT32, as these are the recognized file systems by the players.
  6. Insert the SD card containing setup files into your BrightSign player and power it on.

Note: Only enable the "Allow Basic Authentication" option if it's absolutely required by your server's configuration. This option involves passing credentials to the web server in unsecured packets.

At this point, the BrightSign player will execute the setup files and make an attempt to download the presentation from the specified HTTP server. The duration of this step may vary depending on the size of your published presentation and the quality of your internet connection. Once this step is completed, the player will initiate the playback of the published presentation.


Publishing Presentations with Web Folder (Simple File Networking)

To publish a presentation, choose the "Web Folder" method from the options in the left panel of BrightAuthor:connected.

You have two primary methods for publishing:

  1. "Directory" - Direct Publishing: You can publish the presentation directly to a folder on your local system. Afterward, you can copy/upload the published files to a designated folder on your HTTP server via FTP or another suitable means.
  2. "FTP Site" - FTP Publishing: Alternatively, you can use the FTP method to transfer the presentation to your server. BrightAuthor:connected can upload a schedule with presentation(s) to your HTTP server using FTP, eliminating the need for an additional step of FTP-ing content from a local folder to the web server. Please keep in mind that the player uses HTTP for content download, not FTP. In the following straightforward example, both the FTP server and the HTTP server run on the same computer. Therefore, "" is used for the Host Name. You will need to input the actual IP address/Host of your FTP site. Note: The "URL for Web Folder" should match the HTTP link entered in the player setup step described above.




We recommend watching the following tutorial videos to help you understand the "Web Folder (Simple File Networking)" publishing method:

  1. Simple File Networking TutorialVideo Link
  2. Player Setup TutorialVideo Link

Please note that these videos are based on the BrightAuthor classic app. While the interface may differ slightly in the new BrightAuthor:connected app, the workflow for the "Simple File Networking" method remains the same. In the new BrightAuthor:connected app, this method has been renamed to "Web Folder," but the functionality and process are consistent with BrightAuthor classic.

Watching these tutorials should provide you with valuable insights and guidance on using the "Web Folder" (formerly "Simple File Networking") method in BrightAuthor:connected.

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    Do the web server is required for simple file networking ?

    Does it works with NAS ?




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    Charles - S-Connect


    it does not explain SFN from a FTP server!



  • 0
    Kelly Tompkins

    I am publishing 5 different presentations to five units. When I autoschedule each site it is not saving the schedule uniquely for that player to run from the Simple File Network location.

    For instance, we will name each brightsign player 1 2 3 4 and 5. Each player has its own folder where the auto schedule should be published. When you go to publish the schedule for unit number three it will save. When you go to publish to unit number to which you already saved the schedule for it then pulls the location for unit number 3's autoschedule.

    How do you get around this? Each unit needs its own schedule per the unique presentation.

    Why doesn't a Simple File Network publish like the Local Network publications do? This is what I need.

  • 0
    Matthew Galvin

    Each Brightsign player needs a unique URL in order to get a different presentation. So if you are managing device01, device02, etc. you would set up and 

    In my opinion the differentiation between save presentation and publish presentation is really poorly understood by Bright Sign users, and the poor support documentation (like this post) doesn't really help the situation.

    I recommend looking at the code generated by both a save operation and a publish operation to really understand what is going on. It's pretty straightforward in the code, but really poorly documented here, which is why Moki, Cisco, etc. are making a killing with managed solutions.

    At a certain point BrightSign Network (subscription), Moki (paid) and Cisco (big paid) are each competing to charge for features that should be included out of the box.

    The fact that we're still even talking about sending passwords in cleartext . . . serious eyeroll.

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    Fabien Touche

    I keep trying for ages with a synology drive NAS, dropbox, nothing works !!! no help no support, I'm fed up.



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