Is it possible to network a BrightSign player without creating a account?

Yes. There are several features that allow you to distribute presentations and other dynamic content to BrightSign players without a BrightSign account. offers the Control Cloud which is a free subscription service for use with all connected BrightSign players. For more information visit this link.

RSS / MRSS / Live Data / Web Pages

As long as the player has an Ethernet or wireless connection, you can use the BrightSign player to access RSS feeds, media RSS feeds, and Live Data, as well as sending and receiving commands over the network--even if the player is set up as a standalone unit. You can also use networked XD and 4K players to download and display remote HTML content.

Local File Networking - Publish directly to your BrightSign player

You can set up a BrightSign player for Local File Networking. This allows you to see a player on the local network in BrightAuthor:connected under Schedule > Type > Local Network. You can select your unit and publish schedules, playlists, and other content to it. 

Simple File Networking - Publishing updates from your web server 

Simple File Networking allows you to distribute content to BrightSign players remotely using your own web server. You can use BrightAuthor:connected to upload presentations and schedules to the webserver. This feature does not support FTP. 

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