How do I display a YouTube video or playlist on my player with BrightAuthor:connected?

All BrightSign players can display content from YouTube using an HTML 5 state in BrightAuthor:connected.

You can add a YouTube video in an HTML 5 state by constructing the proper embedded player URL from the standard YouTube page's URL. 

Go to Single video instructions ->

Go to Playlist instructions ->

How to tell if I have a single video or a playlist:

There are two ways to tell:
1. If the YouTube URL contains list=something, it's a playlist. Otherwise, it's a single video.
Single video (URL doesn't contain list=)
Playlist (URL does contain list=)
2. Look at the box on the right side that contains the list of videos. If the box says "Up next" and has a control for Autoplay, you're on a single video and that list is automatically generated by YouTube.
Single video - no playlist name/author, you can toggle Autoplay.
Playlist - playlist name and author listed: can shuffle, repeat, and add to Library.


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