How can I stream content on a BrightSign player using an IP camera using BrightAuthor:connected?

Streaming from IP cameras is supported on all networked BrightSign models. 

1. Open an existing presentation or create a new one from the Presentation drop-down tab in BrightAuthor:connected.

2. Double Click to Edit Zone Playlist.

3. Navigate to Widgets and drag and drop the Stream widget into presentation zone. 

Note: The Stream widget can only be added to Image or Video, Video, and Audio zones. 


In BrightAuthor:connected, the Stream widget supports Audio, Video, and MJPEG streams. Once the widget is added to the presentation the type of stream must be identified under State Properties > Source, and the URL of the stream must be entered in the State Properties > Stream URL field. 


MJPEG Stream

MJPEG streams allow up to 5-7 frames per second, which is faster than static JPEGs but is not a smooth video. You can display multiple multiple MJPEG streams at once (for multi-camera applications). 

Video Stream 

If your camera is located on the same LAN as the BrightSign unit, you will get the highest quality of streaming. If your player is connected to an IP camera via the Internet, the video will be lossy and drop pockets frequently. Video streaming is the most effective in an environment where you have control of the path between the camera source and the BrightSign player. 

Details about video streaming formats and codecs are available in this FAQ


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