How to: Local File Network setup with BrightAuthor:connected.

Note: Local File Networking supports a maximum of 10 players on a local network. Exceeding this recommended number may cause unreliable behavior when publishing to players. For larger deployments, we recommend using B-Deploy on the BSN.Cloud or Simple File Networking. 

Set up your BrightSign player for Local File Networking 

1. Navigate to Device Setup from the BrightAuthor:connected Dashboard or Admin tab. Then, configure the player with your preferred parameters such as Device Name and Time Zone.

2. Select Local File Networking under Device Type.

3. By default, players are configured to obtain IP addresses automatically. If needed, you can manually enter IP address parameters for a player by navigating to Network Options  > Wireless or Wired (depending on connection type) > Connection Settings.

Note: If you’re using a static IP address, make sure to specify all of the following parameters: IP address, Subnet Mask, Default gateway, Broadcast, DNS1.

4. Under Device Configuration, select Enable Local Diagnostic Server (optional) and Enable Local Web Server (required). 


5. Insert a blank SD card (formatted using FAT32) in the card reader for PC or SD adapter for MAC. 

6. Click Save Setup Files to write the player setup files to the SD card. 

7. Remove the ethernet cable and power connector to power OFF the player, then insert the SD card. 

8. Power the player back ON and wait for a reboot. After it reboots, the screen should be blank. 


Publish to the Player using Local File Networking

1. Navigate to Schedule and select Local Network in Destination > Type. Select the presentation or content you wish to publish and place it in the schedule grid in your desired time/day. 

2. Under Networked Units select the player you wish to publish to. 

3. Select Publish.


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    I followed the instructions to set up the BrightSign player for Local File Networking. I configured the player, inserted an SD card, TellTomThumb, and published content successfully.

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