How to display a Twitter Embeded Timeline feed using BrightAuthor:connected.

1. Login to your Twitter account.

2. Search for the Twitter feed you wish to display.

3. Copy the URL of the Twitter feed.

3. Navigate to the three vertical dots to the right of the Follow button to open the hidden menu and click on Embed this Profile.

4. Paste the URL of the Twitter feed into What would you like to embed? and click Embedded Timeline. 


5. Click Copy Code.


6. Make a copy of the provided HTML file and rename it to something else. For example, Arsenal_Twitter.html is used below for the example presentation. 

7. Open the renamed HTML file and paste the copied code from Step 5 between <div id="vertical-scroll"> and </div>.

8. Add the "http:" prefix to "//" so the full URL becomes: then save your changes.

9. Add the HTML site (the newly modified page with the CSS folder) to the by navigating to Content > New Component > Upload HTML Site in BrightAuthor:connected.


10. Add an HTML widget to your BrightAuthor:connected presentation and make sure to enable Enable BrightSign javascript objects and Enable cross domain policy checks under Options.



11. Switch the zone to Interactive and add a Timeout Event to refresh the feed at the desired time interval.


12. Publish your presentation.

Both HTML/CSS and a BA demo example are attached to this article.


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