How to switch presentations or change layouts in BrightAuthor:connected.

You can use the Switch to Presentation command to switch from one presentation to another on the fly. This is useful if you need to change the zone layout without manually republishing the presentation.

NoteAll presentations must use the same resolution. Otherwise, the player will need to reboot to change its output resolution.

1. Create a new presentation or open an existing one by accessing the Presentation tab in BrightAuthor:connected. 

2. Select the Zone Playlist and navigate to Zone Properties > Type to choose the type of zone you wish the master presentation to be. 

3. Double Click to Edit Zone Playlist to edit the zone. 

4. Below the Publish Presentation icon enable Interactive

Note: All types of zones can be interactive except for Ticker and Background Image zones. 

5. Navigate to Presentation Settings > Support Content > Switch Presentations.

6. Click "+" to add a Presentation (if the destination of the presentation is on the or to add a Local Presentation (if the presentation's destination is on the Local System).


7. Enter the Presentation Name (this can be different from its saved project name).

8. Select the event where you want to switch presentations. Navigate to Event Properties > Advanced.

9. Click Add Command and select Other -- Switch to Presentation.

10. Use the Specify Presentation dropdown list to select the presentation you wish to switch to. Alternatively, select Specify via user variable to use the value of a user variable to determine which presentation to switch to. 

You can use the Switch to Presentation command to link together as many presentations as needed. All presentations added to the Switch Presentations tab under Support Content will publish with the master presentation.

Example: The presentation example below uses a BP200 event to switch from one presentation to another.


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    André-Marc Räubig

    This is what i searched for - but i cant follow the instructions - i have not the option to choose "Switch Presentation" in the supported content section. How could i come to the solution?

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    André-Marc Räubig

    It works only with "Local Content" use - NOT online

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