How do I show or hide the cursor in my BrightAuthor:connected project?

BrightAuthor:connected has two separate cursor settings: One affects touch screen events, the other effects HTML 5 pages.

Touch Screen

The default cursor setting for touch screen events is Auto display cursor: The cursor will be displayed if there's more than one touch region currently on the screen; if there's only one touch region on the screen, the cursor will be hidden.

To edit the default setting, in a presentation go to Presentation Settings > Interactive. In the Touch tab, you can choose to Always hide cursor or Always display cursor.

Note: This option affects Rectangular Touch events only; it does not apply to HTML 5 states.



The cursor in HTML 5 states is enabled/disabled on a case-by-case basis. To modify the cursor display behavior, select an HTML 5 state and go to State Properties > Options and click the Display Cursor box. 


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