How do I schedule a player to reboot at a particular day/time every week when using BrightAuthor:connected?

BrightSign players are capable of running for months or even years. Regardless, scheduling a player reboot for a regular basis ensures that the player will not run into any potential problems.

How to create a scheduled reboot:

1. Launch the BrightAuthor:connected Mac/Windows application or open the web-based Chrome application.

2. Navigate to Presentation and select New Presentation to create a new presentation. 


3. Name the presentation "Reboot" and select the correct target settings. 


4. Click Start then Double Click to Edit Zone Playlist.

5. Switch the playlist to interactive. 


6. Navigate to Widgets and drag and drop an Event Handler state into the interactive playlist. 


7. Select the Event Handler state and go to State Properties.

8. In State Properties > Advanced click "+" to the right of Entry Commands or Exit Commands.


9. Select Other under Command and Reboot under Parameters.


10. Save the presentation. 

11. Navigate to the Schedule tab. 

12. Find the presentation in Source > Recent Presentations, located to the left of the Schedule calendar. Then drag and drop the presentation into Schedule.

13. Select the presentation in the calendar then navigate to Schedule located to the right. 

14. Select Recurring Event in Schedule

15. In Recurring Event select All Days and select the day(s) every week that you wish to schedule a reboot for. 

Note: For other days/time options select All Days, Weekends, or Weekdays.


16. Set the Event Time to a 2-3 minute interval starting at your preferred time. It's unnecessary to schedule the presentation for longer as it will cause the player to reboot multiple times during the time block. 

17. Click the "X" to the right of the date in End Date to eliminate the listed date. This allows the reboot presentation to repeat at the time(s) you chose every week. 


18. Repeat steps 11-17 to add any other additional times for a reboot to occur. 

19. Confirm that the original scheduled content for your player is still present. 

20. Publish the schedule to the desired groups or players.

Users with no space in their schedules can schedule the reboot presentation over an existing presentation as a schedule interrupt


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