How do I reboot a player located on the same local network via UDP command through BrightAuthor:connected?

You can easily reboot one or more players on the same local network by adding an Event Handler that responds to a UDP message in the presentation(s) scheduled on the player.

This allows the BrightSign app or any app capable of sending UDP messages to reboot the player.

Note: This method can be adapted for other trigger mechanisms such as Serial Input or GPIO Input, but this article centers around UDP as it doesn't require additional wiring or cables. 

How to reboot a player via UDP:

1. Open or create an Interactive BrightAuthor:connected playlist.

2. Drag and drop the Event Handler state into the interactive zone from the Widgets section. 


3. Select the UDP event from Events


4. Add a UDP event to the Event Handler state. 

5. Select the UDP event and locate Event Properties.

6. In the Specify UDP Input field enter a string that will trigger the reboot. 

Note: Be sure the string you use in the Specify UDP Input field is unique enough so that it won't be triggered by random UDP traffic on your network, triggering random reboots. For example, this presentation uses "Reboot_Me."


Note: Label is used in the BrightSign App to identify the command, and by other apps that query the player for available events. 

7. Click the Advanced button in Event Properties.

8. Click Add Command.


9. Select Other under Command

Reboot under Command Parameters.


10. SaveUpload (if necessary), and Publish the presentation. 

If you have multiple players on the same network subnet and they are all listening on the same UDP port, you can send a UDP message to the subnet's broadcast address, for example, for everything on 192.168.1.x, and all the players that are listening for that command will respond.


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