How do I send non-printing characters over the serial port in BrightAuthor:connected?

You can do this very easily in BrightAuthor:connected. To send a non-printing character, use the Send -- Serial byte command to send the decimal value of the non-printing character. 

For example, if you need to send the serial string ESC A to turn on your display, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Interactive playlist in BrightAuthor:connected.
  2. Open the media state or event where you want to send the command.
  3. Click the Advanced tab. 
  4. Use the Add Command button to add two commands.
  5. Set the first Command to Send and the Command Parameters to Serial byte.  Enter "27", which is the decimal value for ESC.
  6. Set the second Command to Send and the Command Parameters to Serial string (no EOL). Enter the letter "A".

NoteThe Port should be set to 0 for most standard serial devices.


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