How do I update a static text field in BrightAuthor:connected?

You can manually edit Live Text fields using BrightAuthor:connected and republish the presentation. Alternatively, you can use an RSS feed or Live Data feed to remotely update a Live Text state. 

Manual Update

  1. In BrightAuthor:connected, open a Live Text state.
  2. Select the Live Text item you wish to change.
  3. Select a Fixed text type and enter the new text.
  4. Publish the updated project (locally or to the network, depending on the configuration of your unit).

Remote Update

You will need to configure the Live Text state to receive updates:

  1. In BrightAuthor:connected, navigate to Content > New Component > Live Data Feed to create a Live Data Feed.
  2. Open a Live Text state.
  3. Select a text box or add one using the Add Item button.
  4. Use the Type dropdown list, select Live Text Data, and navigate to Data Feed and choose the Data Feed you created in Step 1 in Live Data Feed. If you're hosting your own RSS feed, enter the URL in the Data Feed field.
  5. Enter an Item title or Item index number for the Live Text item. The feed item (RSS or Live Data) that matches this value will be displayed in the text box.
  6. Once you have finished configuring the Live Text state, publish the presentation to your player.

Now, all you need to do to modify the text box is to edit the Value/Description of the feed item associated with that text box.

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