How do I ignore input (e.g. buttons) in my BrightAuthor:connected interactive playlist?

In a BrightAuthor:connected Interactive playlist all input is automatically ignored. For input to be accepted it must be manually defined in BrightAuthor:connected.

This sample BrightAuthor:connected presentation demonstrates how to define GPIO input. Once GPIO 0 is pressed the presentation switches from the current video to the next video.

1. Create an Interactive playlist.  

2. Go to Presentation Settings > Interactive, and locate the Connector tab. 

3. In the Connector tab navigate to GPIO Configuration and select Input for GPIO 0.


4. Add two videos to the Interactive playlist.


5. From Events select GPIO 0 and draw a connection from video1.mp4 to video2.mp4. Then, add a Media End event to video2.mp4, to play it immediately after video1.mp4 finishes.


The only outside input accepted is when video1.mp4 plays. While video2.mp4 plays GPIO 0 input is ignored. Step 6 describes the steps for the presentation to accept GPIO 0 input during video 2.mp4 and have it trigger video1.mp4.

6. Draw a connection from video2.mp4 to video1.mp4 state using the GPIO 0 event from Events. Pushing GPIO 0 will now take you back to the attract video.


7. Select the GPIO 0 event stemming from video2.mp4 and in Event Properties > Target State select Transition to new state and select video2.mp4 from the dropdown list. Now, pushing GPIO 0 restarts video2.mp4 instead of taking it back to video1.mp4


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    Edwin Maynard

    My XD1230 player is using an HDMI input from a CPU to run a presentation. It is configured to operate at 1920 x 1080 resolution geometry dash world, however the resolution changes every time I restart the player.  

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