How do I create a playlist in BrightAuthor:connected?

A playlist in BrightAuthor:connected is a presentation layout that contains one video or image zone. See this FAQ for a step-by-step process on creating an interactive playlist in BrightAuthor:connnected. 

Creating a playlist:

1. Open the BrightAuthor:connected Windows, Mac, or web-based Chrome application. 

2. In BrightAuthor:connected navigate to the Presentation drop-down tab and select New Presentation.

3. Under the BrightAuthor:connected logo in Basic, confirm that Single Zone > Playlist is selected. 

4. Enter the desired presentation name in the Name field and ensure all the parameters of the presentation (i.e. Target Device, Connector, Target Resolution, etc.) are correct. 

5. Click Start to create and edit the playlist zone. 


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