How to: Standalone Setup with BrightAuthor:connected

Standalone players are not connected to a network and must be updated manually. To change presentations/schedules, you must remove the SD card (or USB flash drive), update it on your computer, and reinsert it into the player. Updating standalone units is the only case in which you should remove the storage card after setting up the unit.

Note: You don't have to be connected to the in BrightAuthor:connected to set up standalone players.

Standalone Player Setup 

  1. Insert a blank SD card into your computer (using external card reader if necessary). 
  2. Open BrightAuthor:connected and go to Admin > Setup to enter these player settings:
    • Select Standalone as the Publishing Mode.
    • Under BrightSign OS Update, select the latest OS version for your player model (HD3/LS3 models are selected in the image).
    • Disable the option in the Advanced section.
  3. Click Save Setup to save to the SD card
  4. Insert the SD card in the player and connect it to power
  5. Wait until the player runs the Setup files from the SD card and shows a "Setup completed" message on the screen. You can now publish to the player.



Standalone Publishing Setup 

  1. Disconnect the player from power.
  2. Remove the SD card from the player, insert it into your computer, and erase it.
  3. Publish the presentation to the SD card using the Standalone (Player Storage) method in the Schedule tab (see the image below).
  4. Insert the SD card with the published presentation into the player and connect it to power to play the presentation.

Note: Your presentation must be set to play all day / everyday.




Tip: If your player has a USB port, you can use the SD card when setting up the player and keep it in the player as the internal storage. You can then update the content on the SD card via a USB flash drive.



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    Dave Shure

    I have followed these instructions on an XT4 model. I get nothing on the TV screen at all. Just black..... 

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    Michael Ennis


    To create a standalone setup with BrightAuthor:connected, install the software on a compatible device. Design and schedule your digital signage content using the intuitive interface. Then, publish the content to a supported media player connected to your display. The media player will run the content independently, ensuring seamless playback without requiring a constant connection to the BrightAuthor software.   TellCarrabbas



    Edited by Michael Ennis
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    taylor godiva

    I did it the way you shared. Thank you so much for sharing! 

     Geometry Dash Scratch

    Edited by taylor godiva
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    Can you use the USB Flash Drive of the BrightSign AU355 Audio Only Player instead of the sd Card to input your Audio Presentation in your Standalone Setup?

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