How to: Standalone setup with BrightAuthor:connected.

Standalone players are not connected to a network and must be updated manually. To change presentations/schedules, you must remove the storage card (or USB flash drive), update it on your computer, and reinsert it into the player. Updating standalone units is the only case in which you should remove the storage card after setting up the unit.

Note: You don't have to be connected to the in BrightAuthor:connected to setup standalone players.

Standalone Setup 

1. Insert a microSD chip into your computer (or through adapter). 

2. Open the BrightAuthor:connected Windows, Mac, or web-based Chrome application. 

3. Navigate to the Admin tab and select Device Setup

4. In the New Device Setup window navigate to Device Type and select Standalone


5. Configure your preferred device settings and click Save Setup Fileand add the files to the microSD card. 

Note: Click here to learn more about Advanced Device Settings.

6. Eject the microSD card from your computer safely. 

7. Insert the microSD card into the player while it is powered off (power and ethernet cables are unplugged). 

8. Turn on the player by reconnecting the power. 

Tip: If your player has a USB flash drive slot, we recommend that you use an SD card when setting up the unit and keep it in the player as the internal storage. You can then update the content on the SD card via a USB flash drive.

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