How do I create a BrightAuthor:connected Interactive playlist?

Create an Interactive playlist in BrightAuthor:connected:

1. Open the BrightAuthor:connected Windows, Mac, or web-based Chrome application. 

2. Navigate to the Presentation dropdown tab and select New Presentation.

3. Confirm Basic > Single Zone > Playlist selected.

4. Enter the desired name of the presentation in the Name field and confirm all of the parameters are in line with your player(s) setup (Target Device, Connector, Target Resolution, Target Frame Rate, Orientation).

5. Click Start.

6. Double Click to Edit Zone 1

7. Turn the Interactive switch on. 


For more information, see BrightAuthor:connected documentation

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    mayo mayo

    Creating interactive playlists in BrightAuthor is a topic I'm looking to apply to Vampire Survivors

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