How do I add a Live Text item to my BrightAuthor:connected project?

The Live Text state allows you to overlay dynamic or static text over an image (or over a video if the state is left transparent). You can add Live Text states to any Video Only or Video or Image zone (as long as the zone is interactive). 

Note: Live Text states aren't available in Ticker zones.

  1. Create a BrightAuthor:connected project with at least one Video Only or Video or Images zone.
  2. Verify that the zone is set to interactive.
  3. Click on Widgets.
  4. Drag and drop the Live Text icon onto the playlist.
  5. In State Properties enter a Name for the Live Text state.
  6. Double-click the state to edit it. 
  7. Select a Background Image if desired. If you do not specify a background image, the text may display on top of a video, an image in a Background Images zone, or the background color of the presentation (depending on the layering of other zones in the presentation). 
  8. Add one or more Live Text items (fields) and adjust the settings for those fields.

Note: A newly added text field will have the same properties as the currently selected text field. Also, you can use the Offset next option to add fields using an X, Y offset. This makes it easy to line up and space fields consistently.

See the Live Text documentation to learn about all of the options in a Live Text state.

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