Published a presentation, now the player just keeps rebooting

If the player was OK prior to publishing a presentation, then goes into a reboot loop after publishing a new presentation, most likely there is something in the presentation causing the crash.

Likely causes

  • Player firmware is not compatible with the version of BrightAuthor being used.
    BrightAuthor gives you a "Minimum firmware version compatibility" warning when you install a new version, but most likely you have dismissed it.
    Upgrade the player to at least the minimum compatible firmware version.  You can do this in Device Setup, when creating setup files from BrightAuthor via the Specify Firmware Update button, or when publishing the presentation schedule via the Specify Firmware Update button.
  • Invalid data feed
    Check that it's an actual RSS/MRSS or simple XML structure, not a HTML page, image, or some other kind of content
  • Corrupt or invalid BrightAuthor plugin (.brs)
    Make sure you've downloaded the plaintext BrightScript .brs and not the HTML page that gives the fancy view.  For Github downloads, you should be clicking the Raw link on the fancy source code view page.
  • Invalid or out of spec media
    Make sure your media conforms to the support video, audio, and image formats and types.
    Also pay attention to whether it's portrait or landscape resolution.


How to fix

  • BrightSign Network or Simple File Networking publishing
    Publish a working presentation and wait for the player to update - or reboot it manually.
  • Standalone publishing
    Retrieve the player's storage device, publish a working presentation to it, replace the storage device in the player, then reboot the player.
  • Local File Networking

    The easiest way to bring a player out of a reboot loop is to apply player setup files to the player's storage again.  This will clear the player's presentation schedule so the presentation won't run and crash the player again.  But if you cannot physically access the player, you can still recover as long as the Diagnostic Web Server is accessible.


    Keep trying to hit http://playerIPaddress/action.html?reboot=Reboot&disable=autorun (replace playerIPaddress with the player's LAN IP address) from a web browser until you get a response from the player.


    After you see the response, the player will reboot with the autorun disabled, then you can use the method described in the Publishing Setup Files via Diagnostic Web Server to create, package, and deliver a new set of player setup files to the player.


    After setup is applied you should be able to publish to the player again.

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