How do I download a plugin from Github?

Note: All plugins for BrightAuthor are supported in BrightAuthor:connected.

The BrightSign GitHub page offers a variety of BrightAuthor Plugins, which allow you to extend the standard functionality of BrightAuthor:connected. To add a plugin to BrightAuthor:connected, you first need to retrieve it from GitHub. Follow these steps to download the .brs plugin file from GitHub.

  1. Select the .brs file in the desired plugin directory (for example, the Media-Server directory contains the server-plugin.brs file).
  2. Right-click the Raw link above the file text.
  3. Select the Save Link As... option.
  4. Save the .brs file to your computer. Ensure the saved filename is identical to the filename on GitHub.


You can now add the plugin file to the in BrightAuthor:connected via Content > New Component > Upload Script. To add the plugin directly to a presentation, in the presentation, navigate to Presentation Settings > Support Content > Script Plugin

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