What is the difference between Device Setup, Device Activation, and Device Provisioning in BrightAuthor:connected?

Device Setup/Device Setup Library

Device Setup allows you to set up a player with your desired settings and publishing type (Standalone, Local File Networking, BSN.cloud Networking, or Simple File Networking).

The specific settings of each player that you set up using Device Setup will be saved to the Device Setup Library where they can be edited, deleted, or used for reference.  

Device Activation

Device Activation allows you to add a player to your BSN.cloud account without having to use Device Setup. Once a player is powered and connected to a monitor, it will display an activation code for Device Activation. 

Devive Provisioning 

Device Provisioning is a feature that allows you to provision players to your BSN.cloud network. Once a new player is added to the Device Provisioning library, the player will apply the Device Setup associated with it.


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