How do I perform a packet capture (PCAP) on my BrightSign player?

To troubleshoot certain network related issues, BrightSign support may ask you to collect a packet capture (PCAP) from the player in question.  This gathers all the network traffic to the player and captures it in a file that you can submit for analysis.  These are the instructions for performing a packet capture on the BrightSign. 

You will need access to the Diagnostic Web Server (DWS), so if you have not configured this, please see the documentation to do so.

Once enabled, load the DWS by navigating to the IP address of the player.

Click the Diagnostics tab:

Find the Network Packet Capture section and click the Network Capture button:

On the following page, you can set the parameters for this capture.  I would suggest leaving the defaults, but adjust the time (in seconds) you want to capture.  When you are ready you can then click the start button:

You will be shown a screen while the packet capture is running.  You can choose to stop it at any time, or click refresh occasionally around the time the capture should be done:

Once you've hit the refresh status button after the capture is complete, you'll be returned to the previous page where you'll see the capture is stopped:

To retrieve the packet capture file, go to the SD tab:

Locate the capture.pcap file and click the disk icon to download the file:

This file can be provided to whomever requested it for analysis.

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