How do I access my BrightSign Network (BSN) account if the administrator no longer works here or I inherited this account?

BrightSign receives requests to grant access to accounts due to various reasons, such as employee turnover and business entities changing ownership, for example.  This can cause business disruption if you’re not able to update your content or access your players. 

 For security reasons, BrightSign does have access to customer BrightSign Network (BSN) accounts and therefore cannot grant access to these accounts.  Below are our recommendations for preventing issues with access to your BSN account.

  • Have one admin user account in BSN that is connected to an email that is one that can be reassigned.  (i.e.  You can have other users on the account, but this will serve as a way to always have administrator access to your BSN account, which isn’t tied to a particular individual.

  • You can have your IT enable the email account associated to the individual that was the BSN administrator long enough to perform a password reset from BSN, then log into the old user's BSN login. Once you have gained access, add a new administrator user, then disable the old user's BSN login.

See our website's Training section for training and tutorial videos, and our Documentation site for information on using BrightSign Network.

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