Fix video files not playing when encoded with Adobe Media Encoder.

When a video file is encoded with the Software Encoder in Adobe Media Encoder and the file is published to a BrightSign player the player log will indicate the file was uploaded successfully, but the video won't play on the monitor.

The video file must be encoded using the Hardware Encoder in Adobe Media Encoder, instead of the Software Encoder, to fix this issue.

To run the Hardware Encoder, follow the steps below:

  1. In Adobe Media Encoder add the video file to the Queue.
  2. Select the video file in the panel to open Export Settings.
  3. In Export Settings navigate to Video > Basic Video Settings > Field Order.
  4. Uncheck the Field Order box and set it to Progressive.


The program will then automatically switch the encoding from Software to Hardware Encoding (this change is highlighted in Encoded Settings).

Note: Hardware Encoding in Adobe Media Encoder doesn’t support interlaced output.

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    According to my knowledge verify that the codec used for encoding your video files is compatible with the media player you're using to play them. Different players support different codecs, so ensure you're using a widely supported codec like H.264 or H.265  

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