What MIME type definitions are required for a Simple File Networking web server?

Last updated: August 30, 2019

Many web servers will not deliver files that do not have a defined MIME type for their file extension, returning Error 404.3 which may often just be reported simply as a 404 error, which is usually Not Found.

To ensure your players can download presentation schedules successfully, make sure the web server you are using for Simple File Networking has the following MIME type definitions declared.

MIME Type Definitions to Add (usually not predefined)

File extension Type Definition Purpose
.rok application/octet-stream Firmware update for legacy Series 0 (HDx10) players
.bsfw application/octet-stream Firmware update for Series 1 and newer BrightSign players
(no file extension)
application/octet-stream Asset pool files
.brs text/plain BrightScript files - autorun, plugins, etc


MIME Type Definitions to Verify and add if necessary (usually already defined)

File extension Type Definition Purpose
.json application/json Data files for player operation
.xml text/xml Sync specification files for player operation



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