I forgot or lost my BrightSign Network username, password, or network (account) name

Last updated: December 11, 2019

Please note, this article pertains to BrightSign Network, not BSN.cloud.
For BSN.cloud, please see this article.

Lost Username

Your BrightSign Network username is your email address.  The only exception to this would be if you are using plus-addressing with a supported email provider to create a different email address that goes to the same inbox.

For example, john.doe@email.fake may have had their account created with the plus-address of john.doe+BSN@email.fake which would go to the same inbox as john.doe@email.fake but to the system, john.doe@email.fake and john.doe+BSN@email.fake are different usernames to the system.

Check your email for messages from BrightSign Network (sender will be noreply-brightsign@brightsignnetwork.com) and check the To: field.
Otherwise, submit a support ticket. including your BrightSign Network network (account) name and serial number of your player(s), if available..

Lost Password

You can use the Forgot Password function to have a new password emailed to you, as long as you have your username and network (account) name.  If you are a user on multiple networks, any of those network names will do - your password is the same for all BrightSign Network networks.

Please note that we cannot retrieve nor set user passwords for BrightSign Network.  You must use the Forgot Password function to reset your password.

The email will come from noreply-brightsign@brightsignnetwork.com so be sure to add that email address to your whitelist or contact list to ensure it does not go into spam/junk/quarantine.

When using the new password, be sure you do not include the trailing period from the new password, and make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces
For example, if the email says
Your BrightSign Network password has been changed to 9Xi}a!C2. If you belong to multiple BSN networks, this password change applies to all of them. 
Then your new password is 9Xi}a!C2
Notice the trailing period from the sentence is omitted.  If the password did include a period at the end, there would be two periods - the period from the last character of the password, and the period from the end of the sentence.

If you have trouble with the new password, check spam/junk/bulk/quarantine and any email-scanning appliance notifications, as some systems have email scanners that may catch the reset message before it reaches your email server.

In the event you cannot access the email address associated with the account and you do not have any other administrators on the account that can set up a new user login, please see this article.

If you still have trouble after that, submit a support ticket including your BrightSign Network username and network (account) name.  If you have the serial number of one of your players, please include that in your support ticket request as well.

Lost Account/Network Name

If you can still publish from BrightAuthor, your network (account) name is shown in the upper right of the BrightAuthor window.


Once you have your network name, you can use the Forgot Password function if you also don't know your password.

Otherwise, submit a support ticket. including your BrightSign Network username and serial number of player(s).

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