Diagnostic Web Server (DWS) changes with the BSN.cloud release

With the release of BSN.cloud, it’s possible that you noticed changes to the User Interface (UI) of the DWS. This article should answer any questions that you might have due to these changes.

Why did this change? 
One of the services that comes with BSN.cloud is remote access to the DWS. We've made a change to the way the local DWS operates to ensure the potential future compatibility of your device with BSN.cloud. Now that BSN.cloud is released, this is why you see the new UI.

The DWS looks completely different when I sign in—is this a bug?
No.  The new DWS interface was re-designed when we re-architected it using technology that is compatible with BSN.cloud.

Can I go back to the old DWS?
No.  Players that are running OS 8.0 will switch to using the new DWS.

Some functions are now missing, what should I do?
Please update to the latest OS version.  Earlier versions of OS 8 may have limited functionality exposed in the updated UI.  The current version of OS 8, should have feature parity with the previous DWS.  If you find something that isn’t available, please contact

Are there any security concerns related to this change?
No. Any password that you may have set will still be active. The updated DWS will be enabled or disabled, as you had previously set it. Keep in mind that in high-security deployments, you should disable the local DWS.

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