BrightAuthor:connected Unsupported Features

Updated: July 21, 2022

We are constantly working to add new features to BrightAuthor:connected. The following are BrightAuthor features that are not yet supported in BrightAuthor:connected:

  • BrightWall
    Note: Synchronized presentation sets still work, you just cannot create a BrightWall as a single "packaged" presentation
  • Interactive Menu state
  • GPS event
  • Presentation Preview
  • Content Encryption
  • Clock zones in (Content Cloud) presentations
  • Switch Presentations in (Content Cloud) presentations
  • Image Cache
  • Local Playlist state
  • User Stylesheet (CSS injection) for HTML5 states
  • Twitter text feeds in Ticker zones
  • Mosaic Mode
  • Custom fonts for HTML widgets
    Workaround: Include the custom font in a Ticker zone - there doesn't need to be content in the Ticker zone, just specify the font in the Zone Properties
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