BrightAuthor:connected Known Issues

Windows client errors and closes upon launch

  • BCN-8469: Fatal error creating/editing presentations
    This is likely a permission issue scanning items in the Users folder.
    Clear the BA:connected settings (clear %appdata%\BA Connected folder), then launch BA:connected again.  Once it launches, create create a presentation outside of the user's folder (not in/under C:\Users) so BA:connected does not try to scan the user's folder.
    If the problem is loading a presentation stored in the User's folder, move the .bpfx, presentation folder, and related assets used outside of C:\Users, for example, create a new folder like C:\BA_Connected_Projects or similar to store your presentations.

Device Setup and Provisioning

  • Players set up with BrightAuthor:connected cannot be used with the current IOS or Android versions.
  • BCN-5701: Adding a device to Device Provisioning using the Serial Number is currently inconsistent.
  • BCN-6455: Ethernet settings in On Device Setup is missing instructional dialog.
  • BCN-6562: Player registration fails when the Screen Orientation of the Remote Snapshot is set to Portrait.
  • BCN-5423: There is no progress indicator when setup files are saved to a microSD card.
  • BCN-5468: The Device Provisioning completion screen continues to show the wired IP address of the player after the Ethernet cable is unplugged.


  • BCN-6427: The Plugin Name of a Plugin Message event sometimes fails to display.
  • BCN-3997: The On Demand state doesn't support image transitions. 
  • BCN-6035: Adding a URL in the HTML Site field when creating a Basic HTML presentation sometimes triggers an incorrect 'invalid' error message.  
  • BCN-5862: Time Code events can incorrectly be added to target media states.
  • BCN-5008: The Import menu option in the desktop client only allows .bpf  files to be imported, and not .bpfx files. 
  • BCN-6558: Device Activation fails if content is simultaneously being uploaded to
  • BCN-6483: HTML shield only renders half the imagine on Catalina (Mac OS X 10.15.2) when building an Interactive presentation.
  • BCN-4946: Adjusting a zone vertically or horizontally causes the zone to reposition.
  • BCN-3825: The Super State canvas is zoomed in at maximum once accessed.
  • BCN-5459: Using Edit in the desktop client to copy and paste content between zones is not possible.


  • BCN-5449: Media folders and files may not appear immediately after being created/uploaded. Click the Refresh button to see them.
  • BCN-6438: Assets added into a new folder do not display immediately.
  • BCN-5821: Some features that are unavailable for certain BrightSign models are mistakenly accessible in the application.
  • BCN-4935: .ts and .mov files that are part of a library fail to display thumbnails.
  • BCN-4438: .mov files exhibit errors once uploaded to on Mac.
  • BCN-5470: The Add Media and Add <component> buttons are missing from the top of the Content window.


  • BCN-3715: Schedule blocks intermittently change color.
  • BCN-5163: Publishing a Standalone presentation doesn't overwrite a previous or Simple File Network presentation.
  • BCN-5675: Permissions of Assigned Users for devices in Network are ignored.


  • BCN-6460: Permissions may intermittently revert back to original setting when set by a user. 


  • BCN-5533: If a player is moved between groups in Device List the Hierarchy does not change.
  • BCN-6474: Storage can be set to over 100%.
  • BCN-6054: Reassigning a disabled player to an active group causes the player to remain disabled. 
  • BCN-6401: User agent from BrightSign OS Update identifies as “undefined”.
  • BCN-2952: The default autorun does not currently support B-Deploy provisioning via a proxy. 
  • BCN-6044: UI based permissions in the Network tab are not consistent with BrightAuthor. 
  • BCN-5300: The information in Downloads does not update when the Device List is refreshed.
  • BCN-4565: The displayed device Up Time in the Network tab and the Local Diagnostic Web Server are different. 








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