BrightAuthor:connected Release Notes

NOTE: BrightAuthor:connected release notes will now be published in this location going forward. Users will be notified of new releases through the Support Announcements page. Previous release notes will be maintained in both locations until this page is deprecated.




  • BCN-13733, 13734, 14000: (XT5) XT5 players have been added to the interface so users can select them for OS updates or when creating a presentation
  • BCN-14280: The position of the Assets/Widgets panel (in the Content tab) is now maintained even if the user clicks on another tab or resizes another panel
  • BCN-14289: Added a splash screen to welcome users, give feedback while the application is loading, and display the version number
  • BCN-14306: Changed the Schedule tab display to allow users to see the entire (24 hour) day
  • BCN-14420: Updated the interface to correct the HS125 and HS145 resolution capabilities and the number of video zones in the HS145 and LS445

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-12119: Ensured that the Mac version of the application will close on the first attempt
  • BCN-14045: Fixed the scaling on the GPIO Output event icons
  • BCN-14153: Fixed an infinite loop in the web application when uploading an empty asset
  • BCN-14255: Fixed a crash that occurs when users discard unsaved presentations while trying to sign out
  • BCN-14301: Fixed a bug that did not let users log in to import presentations
  • BCN-14500: (HS125) Removed unsupported output resolutions



New Features

  • BCN-13912, 14263, 14262: (XC5, XT5) Full resolution graphics are now optional, not the default, for output resolutions greater than 1920x1200


  • BCN-11173: Improved the Dashboard screen (including the network status and reloading process)
  • BCN-12511: Added “Assign input to variable” and “Assign wildcard to variable” support for Event Properties (in Zone Message)
  • BCN-12565: Fixed poor text wrapping when Local Network publishing is selected in the Schedule tab
  • BCN-13835: (XT5) One and two screen layouts are now available in the Screens tab for XT5 devices

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-6084: Fixed excessive CPU usage when loading content
  • BCN-6694: Deleted reason-phrase conditions that prevented successful responses in the web client
  • BCN-8578, 11954: Fixed a bug that occurs when uploading content to a folder that has a name containing one or multiple single quotes
  • BCN-9979, 14278: Fixed player activation failures that occur when the user is not the creator of the default setup package
  • BCN-13991: Fixed a reboot loop which is triggered when an interactive event sends a UDP command from a Dynamic Playlist widget.
  • BCN-14024: Ensured that dialog boxes do not disappear unexpectedly
  • BCN-14261, 14034: Fixed an autorun crash in presentations that invoke the videomode plugin
  • BCN-14271: Fixed a bug that causes deleted tags to reappear
  • BCN-14344: Fixed an endless loop that occurs if many large files are uploaded simultaneously
  • BCN-14460: Fixed a reboot loop that occurs when publishing a presentation that enables enhanced synchronization




  • BCN-8667: The Control Cloud network can now add users as an Administrator or as a General Manager
  • BCN-14183: Removed the Screens tab from the presentation creation UI for all non-multiscreen Series 5 players. This ensures parity with the upscaling behavior on older players.
  • BCN-12409: Ensured that when media is replaced, the new media name does not overwrite the state name

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-14119: (XD5) Ensured that video can be added to a presentation
  • BCN-13972: Ensured that content and device tags on media items can be removed
  • BCN-14178: (XD5, XT5, HD5) Ensured that GPIO appears as an option in presentation authoring
  • BCN-9445, 8781: Ensured that deleted HTML sites do not persist when creating and saving presentation images, videos or HTML sites


  • BCN-13487: Fixed the confusing warning message about the minimum OS version



New Features

  • Added support for Series 5 players


  • BCN-13908: Updated player family firmware mappings for Series 5 players
  • BCN-13781: Updated the device order in the “Presentation” form to accommodate the new Series 5 players

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-13555: Improved capitalization for Romance languages 
  • BCN-13264: Ensured that the OS upgrade options selected in “Schedule” persist after publishing on XC5 and AU335 players
  • BCN-14014: (XC5) Ensured that 4K H.264 video can be added to XC2055 presentations
  • BCN-14015: (XC5) Ensured that H.265 video can be added to XC2055 presentations


  • BCN-13077, 13405, 13800: Internal code improvements  



Bug Fixes

  • BCN-13724: Fixed an issue that caused audio settings in version 1.7.10 to change when opened in version 1.7.16


Bug Fixes

  • BCN-13449: (AU335) Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when accessing the remote DWS
  • BCN-13521: Fixed an issue which caused devices to reboot and disabled certain presentations published in version 1.7.11


New Features

  • BCN-12440, 12439: Implemented snap-to functionality for screen boundaries in the zone layout canvas
  • BCN-13016: Enabled an option for localization


  • BCN-10769: Players can now lock or unlock the Property Lock for a specific player from the Advanced section of the DWS

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-9655: Fixed MRSS parser error
  • BCN-10905: Fixed bug that occurs when uploading to an HTML site that has already been updated
  • BCN-11025: Ensured that debugging Publish options are not forgotten
  • BCN-12456: (AU335) Fixed crash that occurs when selecting “Publish for USB update”
  • BCN-13295: Fixed issue that caused layouts of media items and widgets to reset after updating to 1.7.11
  • BCN-13328, BCN-13360: (AU335) Removed unused “Screens” feature which was causing issues opening presentations
  • BCN-13366: Fixed issue that caused states to disappear after updating to 1.7.11
  • BCN-13398: Fixed application crash caused by clicking the export log in error


Memory consumption will increase when using the JavaScript console on players using OS 8.5 and newer. We do not recommend enabling JavaScript console on production players in general, and on players with OS 8.5 and newer, it must be explicitly allowed by the player even if it is enabled in the presentation. See this page for more information.

New Features

  • Added support for Series 5 video players
  • BCN-11643: Screenshot width and height is now set to HD. A “Full Resolution” checkbox in the DWS returns the screenshot to its original resolution.
  • BCN-11390: Added support for custom resolutions in the UI
  • BCN-11249, 11228, 11226, 12088: Added a new “Screens” tab allowing users to layout multiscreen presentations on Series 5 players
  • BCN-11159: Added an overlay to Layout zones, so users can visualize which zones play on which screens in multi-headed presentations on Series 5 players


  • BCN-12414: Chromium debug mode can now be enabled or disabled on a per player basis
  • BCN-11706: Removed jQuery in the Device Web Page and Clock widget
  • BCN-12593: Added an information icon to redirect JavaScript console users to a documentation page

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-12231: Fixed a crash that occurred when a user is logged into two instances (for example, web and desktop version) and then switches networks in one of the instances
  • BCN-12200: Fixed the infinite loading state that occurred when a .wav file was added to the canvas
  • BCN-12184: Fixed a bug that did not allow users to select a presentation in the Schedule tab calendar
  • BCN-12454: Default device webpage now shows variable values containing special characters properly
  • BCN-12140: (AU335) Re-added the “Audio Mixing” option under Zone Properties
  • BCN-11983: Fixed overlapping text boxes in the player selection window
  • BCN-11978: Ensured that 4K videos without audio can be added to presentations
  • BCN-11960: Ensured that EDID system variable updates on roHdmiEdidChanged events
  • BCN-11859: Fixed video and image thumbnails, which were broken in Local Content mode
  • BCN-11672: Fixed a bug that prevented the zone layout canvas from rendering correctly
  • BCN-11650: Fixed the local DWS to show the SD tab whether or not an SD card is detected
  • BCN-11530: Updated to electron-builder 23.0.3, which resolved issues connecting to server while updating BrightAuthor:connected in the Mac OS
  • BCN-11434: presentations can now be downloaded even if the assets from the presentation have been moved
  • BCN-11259: Fixed a fatal error that occurred when selecting the Schedule tab
  • BCN-11248: Some clock zone date values are now wrapped to a second line
  • BCN-10936: Fixed a bug that caused players to remain in the previous group when moved to a new group
  • BCN-10382: Fixed a bug that caused presentations from the SFN server to disable the local DWS on the player
  • BCN-10209: Limited VLAN ids to only digits from 1 to 4094
  • BCN-9884: Ensured that the remote DWS is accessible when player id field is unchecked
  • BCN-9379: Fixed a bug that causes assets to be deselected when user clicks on empty areas in the Content tab
  • BCN-9143: Fixed a presentation import error and a related error causing some presentations to not display in the Import menu
  • BCN-12407: Fixed problem with GPIO “Press continuously” in a Super State not working as expected


Bug Fixes

  • BCN-11507: Fixed an issue that caused an “error in the main process” message when trying to open BA connected v1.7.7 from a computer with no network connection.


New Features

  • BCN-11331: Custom Device Webpages now support HTTPS.
  • BCN-11295: Added “Allow Automatic Changes to Tagged Playlist” checkbox.
  • BCN-10469: Added drop down suggestions when entering tag values.


  • BCN-11257: Changed default image display duration in Tagged Playlists to 6 seconds.
  • BCN-11151: Presentation Zone labels now use the same zero point (Top, Left) across editors.
  • BCN-7225: Improved tagging drop down menus.
  • BCN-7228: Changed Order Content to a pick list.
  • BCN-7156: Tags should appear in a suggestion drop down across players in the same network.
  • BCN-11138: Validity start and end dates can now be updated using REST API.
  • BCN-11287: Navigating off content with unsaved tag changes now prompts the user to save.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-11387: Fixed menu item misalignment on smaller resolutions.
  • BCN-11325: Fixed video stream URLs passed as a user variable missing URL options.
  • BCN-11297: Fixed retrieval errors leaving open connections until timeout.
  • BCN-11294: Fixed player setup location information failing to resolve via external IP address.
  • BCN-11279: Fixed crash when attempting to publish to local storage when “Publish with BSN Setup” is checked.
  • BCN-11239: Fixed schedule start date default to be present date instead of 1970.
  • BCN-11229: Fixed Unlock User message.
  • BCN-11056: Unsupported date and time values are now invalid.
  • BCN-11016: Fixed recurring events with no end date causing never ending boot cycle.
  • BCN-10804: Fixed failure to save an imported livetext presentation after changing the background image.
  • BCN-10295: Fixed creating a network with a name that exceeds the character limit giving the wrong error message.
  • BCN-10188: Fixed drag and dropping content between folders causing corruption.
  • BCN-9992: Fixed Dynamic Playlist asset view not being able to scroll to the final asset.
  • BCN-7221: Fixed User Tag values no auto-populating in content and tag playlist rules list.
  • BCN-7229: Fixed autocomplete failing to show all tag keys.
  • BCN-7495: Fixed tagged playlists experiencing 405 errors.
  • BCN-9709: Fixed array tags to show on any match instead of the entire array.
  • BCN-10470: Fixed drop down menu not appearing if a tag name was never entered for a player before.
  • BCN-10991: Fixed previous tags not appearing on other pieces of content.
  • BCN-10992: Fixed tag values requiring a double click instead of single click to edit.
  • BCN-10998: Fixed tag string arrays allowing numbers for the value but not returning anything in a search.
  • BCN-11002: Fixed tagged playlist switching content incorrectly when a time interval is set.
  • BCN-11003: Fixed content updates for tagged playlists failing.
  • BCN-11004: Fixed error that would cause tagged playlists to fail to save.
  • BCN-11006: Fixed media rules not finding the appropriate tags.
  • BCN-11007: Fixed media rules adding “image, video, audio” to tags.
  • BCN-11054: Fixed crashing on tagging approval.
  • BCN-11212: Fixed error when saving tagged playlists back-to-back.
  • BCN-7529: Media files deleted from tagged playlists should no longer continue to play on players.
  • BCN-10990: Fixed deleting a tagged playlist displayed an error log on all following operations.
  • BCN-10995: Fixed crash when refreshing tagged playlist library.
  • BCN-10996: Fixed crash when opening tagged component section.
  • BCN-10997: Fixed the application becoming unresponsive while loading Next Tagged Playlist page.
  • BCN-11286: Removed extra text from tagged playlist names in the asset section.
  • BCN-11420: Fixed Control Cloud Dashboard menu items appearing in the middle of the screen.
  • BCN-11404: Fixed fatal error when creating a new presentation after editing an existing presentation.
  • BCN-11398: Fixed Media properties missing from files.
  • BCN-7221: Fixed User Tag values not auto-populate in content or tag playlist rules areas.


Known Issues

  • BCN-11208: Reassigning players using the Properties panel does not update correctly in the Network tab of Device Group.

New Features

  • BCN-10882, BCN-10857: Group names that begin or end with spaces or periods will now prompt users to remove them. B-Deploy will now reject any group names containing leading and trailing spaces and periods.
  • BCN-10723: Added Forced Shared Storage setting.
  • BCN-9623: Added new UI application preference options.
  • BCN-2714: Users can now filter devices by timezone.
  • BCN-2712: Users can now filter devices by serial number.
  • BCN-2675: Users can now filter devices by public IP address.
  • BCN-2673: Users can now filter devices by name.
  • BCN-2671: Users can now filter devices by description.
  • BCN-405: Presentations can now switch through a timeout event.
  • BCN-10231: Added “Enable Full Resolution Graphics” option for XD1034 and XD234 players.


  • BCN-10781: Updated property lock icon in the device property UI.
  • BCN-10350: Improved window resize control.
  • BCN-10848: Changed Upload HTML site/Node.JS App component confirmation dialogue to read Upload/Cancel.
  • BCN-10743: Improved State and Event default UI for application preferences.
  • BCN-6996: Improved Scheduling time entry UI.
  • BCN-4626: Improved component directory sort.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-10811: Fixed ‘Select different file’ being unusable after canceling out of dialog.
  • BCN-10790: Fixed issue preventing editing of DWS password.
  • BCN-10788: Fixed crash when creating media feed component.
  • BCN-10742: Fixed error when saving network properties.
  • BCN-10695: Fixed Device Setup Wired tab showing an error when no error exists.
  • BCN-10618: Fixed UDP input label reading incorrectly.
  • BCN-10575: ‘Select different file’ dialog now shows correct file type.
  • BCN-10574: Canceling out of ‘Select different file’ dialog no longer crashes the client.
  • BCN-10293: Activity monitor should now properly show script plugin name while uploading.
  • BCN-9380: Fixed Electron App undocked window not resizing properly.
  • BCN-10860: Fixed publishing error with presentations containing Live Text MRSS Media Feeds.
  • BCN-10843: Fixed error when sorting Players.
  • BCN-10827: Exiting the Schedule tab without publishing should no longer trigger a publish.
  • BCN-10817: Fixed minimum application size not being enforced.
  • BCN-10812: Fixed Rate Limit mismatch between Setup package and Property sheet.
  • BCN-10803: Fixed Bulk Provisioning preventing dashes and spaces in Player names.
  • BCN-10768: “Substitute Source Address” advanced command UI text is no longer cut off.
  • BCN-10762: Fixed application crash when deleting local HTML files.
  • BCN-10756: Fixed DHCP Enabled not enabling when it should.
  • BCN-10741: Fixed Limit Content Download Debounce not incrementing as expected.
  • BCN-10739: Editing a Group name using the drop down in the Property sheet should no longer give both a success and failure message.
  • BCN-10721: Fixed Presentation left panel UI appearing blank under certain circumstances.
  • BCN-10710: Fixed Content trial being activated without entering password.
  • BCN-10705: Fixed bug preventing reports from being generated.
  • BCN-10672: Fixed Property panel not expanding during initial load.
  • BCN-10656: Presentations with two Dynamic Playlists will no longer have unexpected media end states.
  • BCN-10517: Fixed a bug that allowed users to continue to edit undocked panels before the previous changes were saved.
  • BCN-10464: Schedule tab should now display the correct debugging settings.
  • BCN-10458: Fixed pointer graphic being incorrect when adding an Event.
  • BCN-10378: Editing Players through the main API will no longer rewrite Tags if some tags are in an array.
  • BCN-9948: Fixed fatal error when saving and updating published presentations that contain switch presentations.
  • BCN-4272: Selecting videos now properly shows details in the right panel.
  • BCN-11153: Fixed crash when trying to download Setup through the browser.
  • BCN-11140: Nav panel should no longer open blank if the client is launched with an undocked library panel.
  • BCN-11008: Clicking ‘Load more’ on the Content Tab should no longer load all remaining assets.
  • BCN-10981: Asset Properties show asset details again.
  • BCN-10974: Fixed bug where Security tab would remain undocked.
  • BCN-10926: HTML local disk share storage settings should no longer be inverted.
  • BCN-10911: Fixed warning when navigating from Schedule tab to Presentation tab.
  • BCN-10896: Changing video time code event parameters in a video zone no longer causes a fatal error.
  • BCN-10883: Fixed error log exporting.
  • BCN-10873: Adding a double dash “--” to a folder name will no longer fail to create.
  • BCN-10859: Fixed crash saving Tagged Playlists.
  • BCN-10820: “Select Group” warning message should now appear in the appropriate tab and no longer hang the application after pressing ‘Okay’.
  • BCN-10799: Widgets and Palettes should no longer shift on the canvas.
  • BCN-10726: Presentation left library panel should no longer push widgets when expanded.
  • BCN-10703: Fixed widgets moving when UI preferences change.
  • BCN-10655: Fixed crash when creating second Dynamic playlist.
  • BCN-10644: Fixed export presentation error.
  • BCN-10635: Player registration and editing should no longer accept invalid Time Server and Proxy Server URL values.
  • BCN-10617: Custom Roles with invalid characters no longer cause a fatal error.
  • BCN-10053: Fixed a bug where pressing F multiple times on presentation library tab would hide content.
  • BCN-8512: Content search should now behave as expected.
  • BCN-5394: The navigator should no longer keep closing when tabbing between zones in a presentation.
  • BCN-8446: Fixed an issue causing player tokens to be generated but not applied.
  • BCN-10510: bundle.js files can now be uploaded as part of a project upload.


New Features

  • BCN-7201: Added support for WPA-Enterprise and 802.1X configurations.
  • BCN-4251: Added undockable panels.
  • BCN-5226: Internal IP addresses can be seen on the properties sheet on the Network tab and the device list column.
  • BCN-7814: Uploading a second version of an asset will now prompt the user to rename or replace the previous asset.
  • BCN-7609: Added the ability to view the number of subscriptions available in a network.
  • BCN-8717: Added Audio Output reassignment reminder when reassigning serial ports.
  • BCN-7595: Added support for playing the audio component of video files to the AU3x5 player family.
  • BCN-7755: Added support for mobile data through Vodafone.
  • BCN-8518: Added Modem and Cellular information to the Network tab.
  • BCN-8447: Partner application setups can now be set via SD card setups.
  • BCN-8625: Added update interval options for media feeds for Live Feed and Tagged playlists.
  • BCN-3987: Widgets can now snap-to-grid.
  • BCN-9358: Modem information can now be seen in the property sheet.
  • BCN-8884: Added new content preview window to the righthand panel.
  • BCN-9037: Touch control for a player is now available through the remote client.
  • BCN-9847: Added new rollback feature to the supervisor.
  • BCN-9856: Added new warnings when trying to name a presentation or asset to a file name that already exists on the network.
  • BCN-10003: Added check box to propagate settings to to script plugins.
  • BCN-10165: Added audio configuration option to AU3x5 Players.
  • BCN-10466: Added default gateway and IP to range validations in Device Setup.
  • BCN-10179: Added WPA UI validation.
  • BCN-9072: Added user variables to Zone Resize values.
  • BCN-9875: Players with only Wi-Fi interface enabled now start an access point for network configuration.
  • BCN-8138: Users can now set USB interface type and priority for Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi ports and VLAN.
  • BCN-10143: Added popup dialog warning that scripts may need to enable Property Lock.


  • BCN-9911: Optimized dragging and dropping devices between groups.
  • BCN-9455: Removed the “Double Click to Edit” text from Layout Canvas.
  • BCN-5809: Added device and presentation metadata to the LFN device list tooltips.
  • BCN-9098: Disallowed characters are now blocked in Tag names.
  • BCN-5490: File and component names are now truncated to prevent exceeding BSN limit.
  • BCN-7520: Improved boot times for players with intermittent internet connection.
  • BCN-10019: Improved performance when navigating between tabs.
  • BCN-6926: Live text layer menus can now be expanded and collapsed like other property sheets.
  • BCN-7126: Network roles can no longer be deleted while in use.
  • BCN-7419: Player autorun will now start at the earliest opportunity.
  • BCN-7662: Improved BrightLink and BrightMenu boot times.
  • BCN-7723: Switch presentations will now have ‘Please select file’ pop up appear when attempting to validate with no selected file.
  • BCN-9102: Proxy setups now allow URLs with IP addresses.
  • BCN-8777: Improved empty device list messaging.
  • BCN-8841: Players using the BrightSign modem now reports IMEI, ICCID, signal strength, and important error conditions to the properties sheet.
  • BCN-6309: Removed irrelevant menu items from the tabs.
  • BCN-9127: Command zone resizing changed from ‘Top’ and ‘Left’ to ‘X’ and ‘Y’.
  • BCN-9142: Changed “Enable Limit Storage” to “Enable Reserve Storage”.
  • BCN-9597: Changed wording in Device Setup and the Property Sheet to match.
  • BCN-9642: Players will now prioritize Ethernet over Wi-Fi unless specified.
  • BCN-9763, BCN-9766: Property lock is enabled by default when using Partner Applications.
  • BCN-9848: Invalid widgets are now hidden for AU3x5 players.
  • BCN-10145: Presentation Properties now has the Property Lock checkbox unchecked by default.
  • BCN-10158: Added version warning to USB settings tab.
  • BCN-10207: Time server settings are now under New Device setups.
  • BCN-10269: Interface Priority drag, Save, and Reset are disabled when Device Property changes are disabled.
  • BCN-10279: The setup process now auto-updates the OS to 8.0.146.
  • BCN-10459: Default gateways allow if users do not want to specify a gateway.
  • BCN-10610: Partner application setups now have default group name.
  • BCN-10006: Changed modem signal strength from dBm to a 10-point scale.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-9832: Fixed Content Cloud based HTML sites failing to find asset files.
  • BCN-9507: Fixed imported BrightAuthor presentations losing HTML site query strings.
  • BCN-9508: Fixed Between operator not working as intended.
  • BCN-9428: Creating an On Demand state for a presentation will no longer change the selected variable.
  • BCN-9387: Fixed Wi-Fi fallback not working when players were unplugged from ethernet.
  • BCN-6906: Uploading a presentation containing a plugin should no longer fail.
  • BCN-9474: Fixed SFN players with eth0 port enable being unable to download presentations via Wi-Fi.
  • BCN-9280: Fixed presentations randomly restarting.
  • BCN-8665: Fixed needing to reapprove items in a Tagged Playlist.
  • BCN-9525: Fixed being unable to rename a file after uploading via local DWS.
  • BCN-9601: Fixed Control Cloud Admin being unable to access User Management.
  • BCN-8279: Fixed crash when saving a setup file under a new name.
  • BCN-9427: Adding an On Demand state to a presentation will no longer remove the Use variable option from selection.
  • BCN-9633: Fixed backspace/delete keypress when making a new folder in Content Cloud clearing out the file queue instead of acting on the name string.
  • BCN-8338: Fixed spaces being deleted from the middle of a tag value.
  • BCN-8442: Fixed a crash when using the incorrect password in a SFN publish.
  • BCN-9108: Fixed Device Setup UI breakage after saving a Partner Application setup.
  • BCN-10052: Double clicking on a folder in the content library tab will no longer cause a crash.
  • BCN-10083: Clicking on an empty area in a Dynamic playlist will no longer deselect selected files.
  • BCN-5275: Fixed DWS Authentication field being inaccessible.
  • BCN-6786: Removed the ability to edit Disabled Players presentations, causing a fatal error.
  • BCN-6953: Fixed players not rebooting when they should during setup.
  • BCN-7020: Default plugin names no longer contain invalid characters.
  • BCN-7113: Changed all ‘Timeout’ labels to read ‘Timeout event’.
  • BCN-7175: Fixed unsaved changes pop up dialogue not showing after making changes to a tagged playlist.
  • BCN-8089: .webm files should now be visible.
  • BCN-8191: Fixed DWS UI not fully loading.
  • BCN-7784: Removed non-existent model from device package creation page.
  • BCN-8349: Fixed “Scroll to load more…” displaying in media folders when there are no remaining content pages.
  • BCN-8355: Fixed Zone layout view failing for AU3x5 players.
  • BCN-8365: Fixed fatal error when publishing with BSN Setup using an older setup package.
  • BCN-8390: Fixed Content Cloud players without a subscription displayed as ‘Green’ status on the Network list.
  • BCN-8452: Fixed incorrect unit labels in device setup UI.
  • BCN-8463: Fixed label inconsistency in the content section for switch presentations and auxiliary files.
  • BCN-8475: Fixed multi-selecting the same state type to allow users to set the same number configuration to both.
  • BCN-8689: Script ‘Relates to’ section should now show presentations using the script.
  • BCN-8703: Entering the wrong password when initiating the 30 day trial will now prompt you to try again.
  • BCN-8795: Fixed error when refreshing Application Preferences page.
  • BCN-7333: Fixed Presentation names including the file extension suffix in the name when switching to them.
  • BCN-8781: Fixed HTML site names not being cleared when the Super State containing it is deleted.
  • BCN-9164: Save button is disabled when certificate name is blank.
  • BCN-9203: Fixed error when disabling logging if Upload Logs is enabled.
  • BCN-9403: The “Default” group can no longer be deleted.
  • BCN-9538: Fixed SFN players failing to register Wi-Fi interfaces.
  • BCN-9559: Fixed Wi-Fi configuration not requiring SSID and password.
  • BCN-9647: Info button now properly redirects to the Dashboard.
  • BCN-9712: Fixed players not keeping time zone settings on reboot.
  • BCN-9745: Fixed RDWS Power save returning a 500 error.
  • BCN-9736: Saving a device setup to an SD card with OS updates selected will no longer result in a transfer failure.
  • BCN-10027: Fixed crash when selecting the schedule tab if LWS devices were present.
  • BCN-10168: User Variable Dropdown now properly appears for Demand List content.
  • BCN-10192: Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of a tagged playlist.
  • BCN-10244: LFN cancel button now works as expected.
  • BCN-10288: Corrected Network Device List Uptime mapping.
  • BCN-10317: DWS password field should now work as expected during Device Setup.
  • BCN-10343: Fixed fatal error when navigating to Schedule tab.
  • BCN-10347: Hostname is now persistent.
  • BCN-10394: Fixed player error logs and last content download section being empty.
  • BCN-10410: Fixed error when attempting to specify IP and Default Gateway property values.
  • BCN-10421: Fixed a crash when signing out in content tab.
  • BCN-10474: Fixed scroll to load more in Presentation and Schedule tab.
  • BCN-10081: The proper error message now displays when the property sheet is disabled.


New Features

  • BCN-10165: Added an option for choosing audio configuration on AU3x5 players using OS8.3 under presentation audio settings.
    • This new feature requires action for all AU3x5 presentations. Please refer to the extra guidance in the announcement.


Bug Fixes

  • BCN-10098: Fixed auto-update feature not working for the desktop client.


Bug Fixes

  • BCN-9761, BCN-9779, BCN-9715, BCN-9800: Fixed instability and behavior issues when adding or editing Ticker zones.
  • BCN-9772: Fixed issue preventing content removal from the Media folder.
  • BCN-9778: Fixed a crash that could occur when signing out.


Bug Fixes

  • BCN-7899: Players added to LFN will now persist through application reboot.
    • Note: For this fix to take effect with previously existing setups, please republish and re-enter any LFN credentials.
  • BCN-9677: Fixed an issue that caused long loading times for Tagged Playlists.
  • BCN-9708: Fixed fatal error when switching presentations.


New Features

  • BCN-8646: Added Network Status Visualization to view network health over time.


  • BCN-7074: Updated landing and redirection page.
  • BCN-8309: Group device list view optimization.
  • BCN-8519: Content Tab folder retrieval optimization.
  • BCN-9398: Improved Device List UI signaling.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-9593: Fixed a crash when trying to download a presentation.
  • BCN-9315: Fixed case sensitivity issues for sign-in.
  • BCN-7861: Fixed an issue that caused presentations to fail to publish via LFN and SFN.
  • BCN-8079: Fixed minimum version dialog listing the wrong version.
  • BCN-8615: Application no longer gets stuck during audio file transfers under certain circumstances.
  • BCN-9062: Content now properly plays in resized zone.
  • BCN-9165: Fixed error dialog when saving a tagged playlist.
  • BCN-9300: Fixed buffer space error that could occur on Windows machines under LFN.
  • BCN-9397: Removed inconsistencies from Network Status Reports.
  • BCN-9442: Fixed a bug with JSON error handling.
  • BCN-9544: Removed free trial button after the free trial has already lapsed.
  • BCN-9563: Fixed Partner logo images leaving their containers.
  • BCN-8630: Fixed dialog when enabling LFN without the local web server enabled.


Bug Fixes

  • BCN-9304: Connector Volume and Zone Volume Set commands should now work as intended.
  • BCN-9446: Custom Application URL setup option will no longer clear automatically after entering a URL.


New Features

  • BCN-8469: Added prompt to select a non-restricted folder when creating a presentation.
  • BCN-5189: Added a button to validate data feeds.
  • BCN-8453: UDP events now support Play Next/Play Previous commands.
  • BCN-5421: Added Setup Type column to Network Device list.
  • BCN-618: Added support for updating Standalone player content via USB.
  • BCN-8284: Added RemoteView APIs to the WebSocket server.
  • BCN-5421: Network device lists now have Setup Type as a table header.
  • BCN-5190: Transfer Monitor now includes a timestamp for when the transfer was complete.
  • BCN-6278: Network Device List can now be sorted by Device Status.
  • BCN-7609: Added ability to view Network Subscription Level, Renewal Date, and Number of Subscriptions.
  • BCN-8272: Added ability to toggle ‘Enable’ for all setup types where it is optional.
  • BCN-8486: Added visual cue in device list that shows subscription status.
  • BCN-8490: Added ability to view device properties for all players.
  • BCN-8491: Added ability to change device properties for all players through the property sheet.
  • BCN-8152: Added icons for Partner Application setup.


  • BCN-7154: Searching or filtering the Content Tab now shows results based on one or more tags.
  • BCN-4673: Default state of a new UDP input event is now <any> instead of On Demand.
  • BCN-6278: Network Device list can now be sorted by status.
  • BCN-8046, BCN-8166: Leading and Trailing spaces should now automatically be removed.
  • BCN-8266: Time Code events now behave as expected and cannot support media state targets.
  • BCN-8520: Media List Play Next/Previous Synchronize event now behaves as expected.
  • BCN-7936: Device Setup list now supports more entries and should no longer display duplicate setup files.
  • BCN-4895: Check boxes should now remain checked when navigating between tabs.
  • BCN-8574: Recovery script now references “networkjson” registry key for network configuration.
  • BCN-8818: config.js references under keyNetwork have been consolidated to all be under keyNetworking.
  • BCN-8869: Presentation autorun now uses roControlCloud object when available.
  • BCN-8924: Added fallback to recovery script when checking /registration.
  • BCN-8998: The recovery script no longer manipulates network configuration.
  • BCN-9066: The recovery script no longer hangs if isRegistered returns undefined.
  • BCN-9160: Increased Wi-Fi passphrase maximum length to 1024.
  • BCN-5999: Check for content updates significantly faster.
  • BCN-7812: Improved Error Saving Tags dialog.
  • BCN-7154: Multiple tags can now be used simultaneously to search or filter content.
  • BCN-8115: Improved Network list performance on networks with large amounts of devices.
  • BCN-8670: The network tab can now be set to show devices as a list or as groups.
  • BCN-8674: Added save button for Enable Wireless and Static IP Address Configuration in Device Properties.
  • BCN-8701: bsDm and bsCore now use typescript enums instead of string properties in static classes.
  • BCN-8702: bsnConnector, fsConnector, bsContentManager now use typescript strictNullChecks.
  • BCN-2956: File uploads will now have a confirmation pop up when completed.
  • BCN-8934: Updated supervisor node libraries to improve security.
  • BCN-8656: The Supervisor date format now includes milliseconds.
  • BCN-8768: Added variance to player status messages to reduce spikes in server load.
  • BCN-8852: WSS commands and events should now be included and searchable in Presentation Tree view.
  • BCN-7632: State properties Advanced Entry and Exit commands no longer allow negative values or values higher than 100 for volume inputs.
  • BCN-4803: Password on Create New User Confirmation Dialog can now be copied.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-7259: Fixed a bug that would cause Validate Live Text Data to return “None”.
  • BCN-7632: State Properties Advanced Entry and Exit commands no longer allow invalid inputs.
  • BCN-8089: Fixed being unable to add .webm files from the Media Library.
  • BCN-8127: Validity dates are now always treated as UTC time.
  • BCN-8199: Fixed a bug that would allow users to convert video or image zones to background image zones.
  • BCN-8224: Fixed a bug that caused presentations saves to fail under specific circumstances.
  • BCN-8318: Sync spec name is now written properly.
  • BCN-8424: Locking a User no longer errors and behaves as expected.
  • BCN-8434: Wired parameters are now set correctly when using wireless.
  • BCN-8462: Tree View now shows node.js applications.
  • BCN-8557: Video playback triggered by Zones command no longer causes a crash.
  • BCN-8561: Fixed a bug that would cause Asset Collection to receive invalid entries.
  • BCN-8517: Fixed error loading the library directory.
  • BCN-8471: Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to publish.
  • BCN-8466: Removed unsupported functions from Media List.
  • BCN-7823: Selecting directories while in presentation edit mode should no longer cause a fatal error.
  • BCN-8707: Resolved issue causing 403 errors during setup and provisioning process.
  • BCN-9163: Fixed issues preventing players with LFN setup from publishing a presentation with LWS credentials set.
  • BCN-7490: Networks with a lapsed subscription should now properly be suspended.
  • BCN-8430: Fixed an error that could cause players to lose connection to and prevent reconnection.
  • BCN-8552: EDID info button will no longer disappear when a player is plugged into another player.
  • BCN-8602: Wi-Fi only players should now properly follow “Use Current Device Settings” in Network Setup.
  • BCN-7484: Limit Content Downloads now functions as expected.
  • BCN-8434: Fixed wireless setup setting wired parameters incorrectly.
  • BCN-8603: @brightsign/dwsconfiguration now properly returns null when called and the DWS is disabled.
  • BCN-8631: payload-synchronization.js now writes as a string to the registry.
  • BCN-8632: Fixed currentSettingsTimestamp writing in the wrong format.
  • BCN-8659: Fixed duplicate websocket connections on a player.
  • BCN-8673: Fixed mismatch in serial numbers when getting a sync spec with multiple serial numbers.
  • BCN-8732: Fixed supervisor calls not working when proxy is set.
  • BCN-9102: Fixed bug that prevented proxy urls that contain an IP address.
  • BCN-8554: Adding a sync event to a state should behave as expected.
  • BCN-4895: When using Select Table Columns in the Device List, selections will now correctly save.
  • BCN-8127: Validity dates status now properly depend on UTC time.
  • BCN-8336: Fixed an error that would occur when media had matching tag name and tag value.
  • BCN-8842: Fixed crash caused from changing Sync Event target after copying and pasting.
  • BCN-8424: Fixed error when attempting to lock a user.
  • BCN-4602: Fixed session timeout not expiring automatically.
  • BCN-6934: Fixed players getting stuck in a loop when setting download rate to unlimited with a Simple File Networking setup
  • BCN-7678: Fixed bug that would cause uploads to fail if Presentation file name is too long.
  • BCN-7823: Fixed fatal error when selecting directories in presentation edit mode.
  • BCN-8403: Fixed blank screen error that could occur when adding a script to a presentation.
  • BCN-8448: Enable setup option now working as expected.
  • BCN-8466: Removed unimplemented features from the UI.
  • BCN-8499: Network Settings property panel now shows Content Download Window settings.
  • BCN-8517: Fixed error that could occur when loading the library directory.
  • BCN-8556: Fixed bug preventing files with .js extensions from being published.
  • BCN-8584: Using ‘*’ as a wildcard option in Tagged playlists will no longer cause a crash.
  • BCN-8606: Rollback under Device Properties should now function as expected.
  • BCN-8652: Adding Play Previous Events list will now add events to the correct list.
  • BCN-8626: Network Properties UI now correctly validates subnet mask and gateway.
  • BCN-8828: Clicking on the eyeball icon in Enable Wireless should now show the password as expected.
  • BCN-8862: Enable Wireless under the Network Property Panel now functions as expected.
  • BCN-8906: Removed 2-byte request body when requesting registration token.
  • BCN-8935: Downloading setup files should no longer change to Dashboard.
  • BCN-8575: Advanced commands should now be properly listed in the property sheet.
  • BCN-8493: Presentation name in the group header should no longer be unnecessarily trimmed.
  • BCN-9057: Activation token should now refresh when expected.
  • BCN-8405: Remote DWS should no longer fail if Local DWS has HTTPS enabled.
  • BCN-8558: Removed references to from the Supervisor.
  • BCN-8633: Fixed a bug that would prevent the websocket client from attempting to reconnect.
  • BCN-8647: Fixed inconsistent authorization requirements in legacy API.
  • BCN-8699: Supervisor should no longer return unexpected HTTP status codes when rejecting API handlers.
  • BCN-8738: Removed unhelpful output messages.
  • BCN-9285: Fixed a bug that caused media files to begin to replay when attached to a Media End event.


New Features

  • BCN-4252: Added an option to change widget and asset icon sizes.
  • BCN-8465: New system variable BrightAuthorVersion added.
  • BCN-8506 BETA: Added cellular modem setup options.


  • BCN-7591: Timeout event behavior now parallels BrightAuthor
  • BCN-6863: Advanced Commands View behavior is now parallel between State and Event Properties.
  • BCN-8432: Change Remote Snapshot now takes effect immediately instead of next restart.
  • BCN-8690: Improved communication between autorun and supervisor.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-8479, BCN-7778: Imported presentations will now properly populate Super States.
  • BCN-8360: Send Serial bytes will no longer cause a runtime error.
  • BCN-8469: Selecting folders that BrightAuthor:connected cannot access now results in a warning message.
  • BCN-8569: Fixed a crash caused by the autorun when presented with port parameters.
  • BCN-8570: Fixed an issue that could cause imported presentations from operating correctly.


New Features

  • BCN-7359: Added Expand All button to Presentation variables, allowing users to view details of all variables.


  • BCN-5884: Presentation tree view is now selectable and interactable.
  • BCN-7849: Attempting to add a Video plugin when there are no more valid plugins now gives a clearer error message.
  • BCN-4250: Improved state selection to allow for multiple state selection and dragging.
  • BCN-7487: When manipulating interactive states and events, dragging should be more consistent.
  • BCN-7591: Improved Timeout behavior to be more consistent with BrightAuthor.
  • BCN-8060: Improved visibility of Source list presentations beyond the 15th presentation on the schedule tab.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-7462: Fixed an issue that would cause image size to be incorrectly determined by EXIF data.
  • BCN-7353: Alphabetize Variables checkbox now behaves as expected.
  • BCN-6995: Publishing a presentation should now always prompt the user to save.
  • BCN-8156: Loop mode will no longer be turned off automatically when synchronization is enabled.
  • BCN-6553: Fixed a fatal error that could occur when modifying the schedule.
  • BCN-7938: Changed tag behavior to remove trailing spaces, which could cause playback failure.
  • BCN-8280: HTML localstorage should now properly persist after power cycling a player.
  • BCN-8091: Fixed an issue that blocked autorun minimum firmware checks from completing.
  • BCN-8200: Send UDP should now behave as expected when opening presentations from earlier versions.
  • BCN-5969: Fixed an issue that could cause two different times to display for a presentation on the schedule.
  • BCN-7573: Fixed an issue that would cause tagged players to error when called by a tagged playlist.
  • BCN-3743: Adding an HTML site to an empty folder or file will no longer display an error and reload the previous save of the active presentation.
  • BCN-8433: Removed incorrect duplicate in Content Check Frequency drop down.
  • BCN-8196: Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating to the library when editing a presentation.



  • BCN-7974: Added new UI to the Diagnostic Web Server that allows the user to change the logging level.
  • BCN-7790: Improved the launch time of the local Diagnostic Web Server on players.
  • BCN-8137: The failsafe is less aggressive about clearing network names.
  • BCN-6697: Zone names are now displayed in the zone layout.
  • BCN-6864: Added a button to delete unused variables in Presentation Settings.
  • BCN-7383: HTML 5 states now display an Enable BrightSign JavaScript objects when set to URL.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-8038: Fixed issue that could cause networks converting from Content Cloud to Control Cloud to leave players in an error state.
  • BCN-7651: Fixed an error that could create multiple autoplugin.brs files in a presentation.
  • BCN-8035: Fixed an issue that would allow players without a valid subscription on Content Cloud networks.
  • BCN-8135: Fixed an issue that caused presentations to error when locally modifying and re-uploading HTML.
  • BCN-7185: Live Text Offset next values now behave as expected.
  • BCN-4946: Adjusting edges of zones no longer repositions the entire zone.
  • BCN-7182: Imported presentations no longer lose Conditional Target commands.
  • BCN-7204: Fixed an issue that would cause Conditional Targets to not receive commands as expected. Existing Presentations will have to be rebuilt to receive this fix.
  • BCN-7741: Variable inputs are now passed to Streaming widgets.
  • BCN-7936: Fixed an issue that prevented assigning setup files to players.
  • BCN-7961: Selecting GPIO in Entry or Exit Commands no longer results in a blank dialog.



  • BCN-7973: Reduced default logging amount.
  • BCN-7828: Added option to the DWS to change the logging level.
  • BCN-7869: DWS View File now displays in a dialog.
  • BCN-7888: Certificate package installer will no longer fail on XT3 players.
  • BCN-7951, BCN-7952: IPv4 and MAC address info is now available in the DWS.
  • BCN-7953: The remote DWS no longer incorrectly states “This information is incomplete”.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-8021: Fixed issue that would list player health incorrectly, disappear device groups, and prevent access to the schedule tab.
  • BCN-7431: Fixed issue that caused local file networking setups to fail.
  • BCN-7798: Downloading large files from the local DWS no longer incorrectly claims success.
  • BCN-7834: The DWS SSD tab no longer shows the SD contents.
  • BCN-7868: Fixed issue that prevented packet capture via remote DWS.
  • BCN-7883: Fixed issue that cause the Inherit Network Properties option to not provision properly through B-Deploy.
  • BCN-7884: Fixed issue that caused registration requests to not trigger when provisioning with Inherit Network Properties.
  • BCN-7889: DWS fetch requests in sub-folders no longer fail.
  • BCN-7916: Fixed DWS Advanced tab missing a label for BrightSign OS Update.
  • BCN-7928: Fixed issue that would cause custom schedules to convert to “Weekends” when a user navigates away from and back to the Schedule tab.
  • BCN-7945: Wi-Fi configured players should no longer lose network connection after being re-provisioned with Inherit Network Properties.
  • BCN-8013: AU3x5 players no longer display as unknown.
  • BCN-8031: Inherit Network Properties now defaults to false in old setups.
  • BCN-8045: Application Preferences can now be edited when logged into



  • BCN-5869: Added support for AUx5 hardware.
  • BCN-6247: Improved UX surrounding starting a Node server and enabling node.js APIs in HTML pages for clarity. Additionally, node.js is now supported under the new node.js widget instead of the HTML widget.
  • BCN-7565: Added support for standalone .ac3 and .eac3 audio files in presentations.
  • BCN-6314: Automatically generated Default Device Setup packages no longer overwrite the player’s existing network configuration.
  • BCN-6320: New option in Device Setup packages that allows existing player network settings to persist through setup.
  • BCN-7421: Added VLAN option in device setup.
  • BCN-7365: Added support for multiple VLAN configurations.
  • BCN-7415: BrightSign CA Packages can now be designated in the Advanced Networking settings of a Device Setup file.
  • BCN-6919: Importing a presentation from BrightSign Network now clarifies that it requires a BrightSign Network log in.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-6878: Fixed bug where Control Zones could receive invalid playback commands.
  • BCN-7461: Send Zone Message command name field will no long display blank.
  • BCN-7511: Groups containing %, &, and + characters can now be deleted.
  • BCN-7512: Improved DWS file download speed.
  • BCN-7540: Devices registered using APIs will now list their Setup File names properly.
  • BCN-7747: HD4 players should now properly react to Remote Input events.
  • BCN-7796: Fixed failures that would occur during web page uploads.
  • BCN-7075: /storage/flash access is no longer blocked by the supervisor.
  • BCN-6914: Fixed a schedule issue that would cause recurring events to not play properly.
  • BCN-5969: Fixed schedule display issue with daylight savings time.
  • BCN-7223: Media rules for tagged playlists will now include tags with no values.
  • BCN-7222: Tag playlists with a empty value tag will no longer error when opening the rules.
  • BCN-7374: Uploading presentations with duplicate HTML sites no longer causes incorrect HTML references.
  • BCN-7771: Sending Serial Byte Advanced commands no longer causes a crash.
  • BCN-7577: Creating a setup with a Partner Application will no longer error.
  • BCN-7031: Media uploads will no longer be interrupted by ‘No pending task’ error.
  • BCN-3608: Fixed incorrect device list in Target Devices list. Devices are now organized by the family abbreviation (XT, XD, HD, LS, etc).
  • BCN-5300: Network downloads should update properly after a refresh.
  • BCN-5329: Adjusting the schedule using a mouse will no longer cause deletion of schedule columns.
  • BCN-6767: Order by Uptime now functions as expected.
  • BCN-7791: Play next and Play previous commands now function as expected.
  • BCN-7192: Accessing imported network variables in a presentation will no longer cause a crash.
  • BCN-7802: Fixed an issue that would cause to fail to retrieve regular groups by name.
  • BCN-7140: Saving an edit on an active presentation will no longer put the presentation in a draft state.
  • BCN-4685: Time-code events now have their entry field displayed properly.
  • BCN-6499: Fixed error that would cause videos containing Latin characters to crash the client when adding to a playlist.
  • BCN-6553: Resizing the schedule calendar should no longer cause a fatal error.
  • BCN-6722: Attempting to add an unsupported video will no longer cause the client to dismiss supported videos after.
  • BCN-7226: Changing a rule’s condition in a tagged playlist no longer resets the value.
  • BCN-7227: Fixed issue that caused datetime tags to not behave properly.
  • BCN-7307: Downloading plugins from the cloud no longer adds a .brs extension.
  • BCN-7379: Replacing media no longer prevents the new media from being selectable.
  • BCN-7402: Tagged playlists no longer have the incorrect time input after a save.
  • BCN-7466: Resizing a scheduled presentation by dragging up will no longer occasionally change the end time.
  • BCN-7600: Fixed issue that caused some large file size media to not work.
  • BCN-7659: Publishing a presentation with a super state containing no children no long fails.
  • BCN-7844: Media rules for tag type “string array” no longer generate an error message.
  • BCN-7943: Adding a node.js application o a local presentation no longer results in a permanent loading mouse icon.
  • BCN-7168: Improved tag rule filters when searching for array tag types.
  • BCN-6742: Improved ability to have presentations switch between interactive and non-interactive.


Bug Fixes

  • BCN-7824: Fixed a bug that would cause tabs in the remote diagnostic web server to not appear.


Bug Fixes

  • BCN-7630: Trial level subscriptions now expire properly
  • BCN-7710, BCN-7716: Tagged playlists now can approve media with validity dates.
  • BCN-7733: Resolved issues with publishing presentations with custom device web pages.

Maintenance Release 2

Changes marked with an asterisk(*) require OS8.1.69 or later.

New Features

  • BCN-4684, BCN-6988: Added support for dedicated IR.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-6562: Snapshots no longer error when the orientation is set to “Portrait”.
  • BCN-6954: Debug messages and DeviceError.ashx requests now return failure reasons.
  • BCN-6459: Improved JSON error parsing.
  • BCN-7218: FLASH and SYS tabs are no longer visible on player reboot.
  • BCN-7396: Fixed network configuration error on the RDWS.
  • BCN-7153: Setup confirmation pages now have proper instructions.*
  • BCN-5602: DWS now displaces file last modified date on SD card contents.
  • BCN-6253: DWS no longer fails to download file sizes larger than 10Mb.*
  • BCN-6757: DWS no longer errors when performing a route trace.
  • BCN-6817: DWS now displays WiFi details under network configuration when both ethernet and WiFi are connected.
  • BCN-6865: DWS remote snapshot now displays the correct player information.
  • BCN-7268: DWS no longer displays empty tabs when hosting a local HTML5 site.*
  • BCN-7360: DWS error message for formatting storage improved.
  • BCN-7390: DWS logs are now .dump instead of .zip.
  • BCN-5789: Added DeviceScreenShots API.
  • BCN-7230: WSSAdapter now logs authentication failures.
  • BCN-6179: Fixed issue that would cause control click for multiselection to not function.
  • BCN-4674: Sync to a Play File state is now only enabled when enhanced synchronization is enabled.
  • BCN-5163: Fixed issue that would cause standalone presentations to not play.
  • BCN-5946: User preference for image mode is now saved when creating from a template.
  • BCN-6044: Changed the network tab component visibility to reflect user permissions.
  • BCN-6263: Fixed issue that could cause the remote DWS to become disabled when the user reboots, reprovisions, or factory resets the player.
  • BCN-6438: Assets now automatically display after moving contents folders.
  • BCN-6642: BrightAuthor:connected no longer offers the ability to import presentations targeted for unsupported players.
  • BCN-6740: Fatal error no longer occurs when moving an asset to the root media folder.
  • BCN-6840: Plugin UI no longer displays an empty name after changing the plugin name.
  • BCN-6869: Device setup now automatically clears sync files.
  • BCN-6963: Fixed conditional targets displaying the wrong target state.
  • BCN-7030: Fixed crash that would occur after undoing an add or resize of a 4k image.
  • BCN-7052: Fixed a bug that would cause media replacement to fail if one of the selected media was marked as invalid.
  • BCN-7053: Removed duplicate dialog confirmation when media replacement fails.
  • BCN-7127: The tag section now displays properly after activating a Content Cloud trial.
  • BCN-7128: Fixed fatal error when canceling an upload.
  • BCN-7173: Extra quotes are no longer added to tag value arrays.
  • BCN-7183: Imported BrightAuthor presentations no longer lose query strings for HTML sites.
  • BCN-7184: Imported BrightAuthor presentations no longer disable background color for Live Text fields.
  • BCN-7186: Fixed crash that would occur in 2 zone presentations when setting dynamic playlists to shuffle.
  • BCN-7189: Saving a tagging rule using FileLastModifiedDate no longer clears all rules on the playlist.
  • BCN-7190: Imported LiveText states no longer cause a crash.
  • BCN-7216: Imported states will no longer duplicate variables.
  • BCN-7217: Imported states should now keep their proper commands.
  • BCN-7231: Importing BPFs no longer causes a fatal error under certain circumstances.
  • BCN-7283: Importing presentations will no longer fail if a dynamic playlist with an Update Data Feed command is included.
  • BCN-7291, BCN-7293: Importing a presentation no longer loses Time on Screen values.
  • BCN-7292: Advanced Commands in Super States should again execute properly.
  • BCN-7301: Fixed crash after adding an event and hitting undo.
  • BCN-7316: Redo and Import variables no longer share a keyboard command on Windows.
  • BCN-7427: Fixed an error that could occur when a video zone and enhanced audio zone were playing concurrently.
  • BCN-7436: Get Help link on the desktop client should be responsive again.
  • BCN-7437: Fixed issue that could cause enhanced audio zones to not function.
  • BCN-6342: Advance Command text fields now support left-click drag selection
  • BCN-7181: Fixed issue that would prevent image zones from appearing behind video zones on HD players.


New Features

  • Tagging: BrightAuthor:connected now supports media and playlist tagging. Users can now use tags to organize and call on media and playlists for all types of presentations.
  • Replace Media: New support for replacing media files directly under Media Properties.
  • Import/Export: New ability to import and export States and Variables.
  • Video Mode: Improved support for video mode plugins.


  • BCN-1960: Improved response time when deleting an HTML site.
  • BCN-5788: New device setup option: “Partner”
  • BCN-5599: Changed Local DWS “Reset Password” button to new “Set Password” button.
  • BCN-6931: Improved error response when attempting to setup players on expired trial networks.
  • BCN-4069: Default LiveText font size is now 30pt.
  • BCN-4716: The Unsaved Changes dialog for the Schedule tab now has an option to be disabled from Application Preferences.
  • BCN-6875: now provides email notifications when a new user is added to an existing network.
  • BCN-6434: Resizing images while holding shift maintains the aspect ratio.
  • BCN-6592: Application Preferences icon updated.

Bug Fixes

  • BCN-6762: Fixed “[object Object]” message when attempting to access the Local Diagnostic Web Server created in device setup.
  • BCN-4082: Subfolders are now immediately viewable on creation.
  • BCN-2515: Content Usage tab renamed to Feed Configuration.
  • BCN-5064: Resizing content in a multi-zone presentation no longer resizes all interactive zones.
  • BCN-5067: When editing multiple interactive zones, the view is no longer reset when navigating between zones.
  • BCN-5518: Fixed issue where Media_List widget would loop instead of transitioning to other media.
  • BCN-5536: Fixed issue where writing device setup files to a local drive did not overwrite specially named files.
  • BCN-6029: Fixed misalignment between Audio Outputs in the Set Audio Output command.
  • BCN-6047, BCN-6628, BCN-5685: Added fix for device setup with proxy configuration.
  • BCN-6251: Fixed issue allowing presentations to be published without a group selected.
  • BCN-6265: Fixed error when attempting device setup download that includes a Firmware update URL.
  • BCN-6311: Fixed issue that would cause interactive events of the same type to have the same values under Specify Button Number.
  • BCN-6341: Improved SendSerialString (EOL) command functionality.
  • BCN-6344: Creating additional text boxes created using Add Item with Offset Next checked will now inherit size and text parameters of the selected text box.
  • BCN-6356: Application preferences are synced between web and desktop clients.
  • BCN-6457: Specified Hostname is no longer lost when creating or editing Device Setups.
  • BCN-6468: Navigator and Presentation Settings are now accessible while selecting the contents of a super state.
  • BCN-6474: Fixed the ability to use Application Preferences to adjust Storage beyond 100%.
  • BCN-6623: Fixed issue that would prevent group data from saving properly.
  • BCN-6626: Client logs no longer return sensitive information under certain conditions.
  • BCN-6724: Using the Delete key on a Ticker zone now deletes the selected item.
  • BCN-6725: 4k presentation now scales zones in the thumbnail correctly.
  • BCN-6792: Uploading directly to a new folder no longer causes an endless spinner when adding a BSN content directory from the content upload screen.
  • BCN-6794: Variable values are no longer lost when navigating between variables.
  • BCN-6899: Fixed issue that caused importing BPFs with conditional targets between compare operators to fail.
  • BCN-6925: Live text layer menu now displays properly.
  • BCN-6966: Video TimeCode event no longer causes a player crash.
  • BCN-7011: Fixed crash on MacOS client when publishing a presentation.
  • BCN-7012: Fixed crash on MacOS client when selecting media without locating media from the library first.
  • BCN-7019: Fixed crash caused by opening a presentation with a live text container selected.
  • BCN-7045: Media List Play Previous Timeout event now properly loops back from the first element to the last.
  • BCN-7048: Media Lists with ‘Return to start after inactivity’ selected now behaves properly.
  • BCN-7083: Immediately attempting to access the Schedule tab no longer causes a fatal error on networks which have an expired Content Cloud trial.
  • BCN-7114: Creating a new folder in a browser no longer causes the desktop application to stall.
  • BCN-7160: Passwords are now properly generated after New User creation.




  • UI
    • BCN-6780/BCN-6721: Fixed some sync issues resulting in desyncs in VideoWall playback.
    • BCN-6747: Reuploading scripts no longer causes a crash.
    • BCN-6726: Fixed behavior in ticker zones that could cause a fatal error.
    • BCN-6719: Fixed playback issues caused  by conditional target commands.
    • BCN-6704: Device Setup library can now display more than 40 saved setups.
    • BCN-6699 Imported BPF projects no longer lose set targets.
    • BCN-6698: States will no longer change their targets if a conditional target exists.
    • BCN-6645: Fixed imported BrightAuthor content not displaying correctly in BrightAuthor:connected
    • BCN-6427: Missing plugin name form control is now displayed after adding plugin message event.
    • BCN-6744: Error codes sent during player registration are now correct.
    • BCN-6467: Fixed error caused by publishing older presentations without opening them first.
    • BCN-6753: The DWS is now disabled by default.
    • BCN-6501: The DWS no longer offers updates to OS builds still in development.
    • BCN-6204: Disabled autoschedule save feature in Content Cloud to avoid a fatal error.



  • The BrightAuthor:connected desktop application name has changed with v1.0.1: 
    • If using a manual installer of v0.38.1 or greater, all previous installations (i.e. named BrightAuthor) must be manually uninstalled and removed.

    • If using Help > Check for Update… to update the application, the application rename will not finish until the update is complete and the computer is restarted.

    • Installers that begin with v0.38.0 or less should be discarded.

  • BCN-609: Support for Simple File Networking via FTP

  • BCN-6207: Use New Network in the Admin tab to create a new Control Cloud network.

  • BCN-6240: The Content Cloud free 30-day trial can now only be activated in Admin.


  • Device Setup and Provisioning

    • BCN-5663: Device Setup now includes the option to set up a player with a Partner Application.

    • BCN-5512: The Download Template and Upload Provisioning File features are now available in Device Provisioning.
  • Presentations

    • BCN-6227: New Pause Zone Playback and Resume Zone Playback

    • BCN-4067: There is now a Select different file option for Assets added to an Interactive presentation.

    • BCN-5892: A full screen audio only template is available when creating a new presentation.

    • BCN-6176: The Timeout event now accepts values less than one second.

    • BCN-3623: Touch Regions can now be named using the Event Name field within the Touch event canvas.

    • BCN-4687: GPIO Configuration is now set to Input by default.

    • BCN-6284: Fixed inconsistencies with saved presentations when switching between Content mode and Local Content mode.
  • Content

    • BCN-4731: Elements can now be moved from one folder into another.
  • Publishing

    • BCN-6204: The Save and Save As options in Schedule are now disabled when the application is in cloud Content mode.
  • Network

    • BCN-5801: Various wireless settings are now disabled when Network Properties > Enable Wireless is not enabled.

    • BCN-5714: Network Options > Limit Content Downloads can now only be enabled when the Device Type is set to cloud Networking or Simple File Networking.

    • BCN-5691: The Limit Health Update feature has been removed from Network Options.

    • BCN-6045: User folders can now be deleted.


  • General

    • BCN-5751: A fatal error no longer occurs when a computer wakes with BrightAuthor:connected running.

    • BCN-5355: A fatal error no longer occurs when a computer is put into sleep mode during a pending request over

    • BCN-4317: The content mode that is selected when the application is closed will remain the selected content mode once the application is relaunched.

    • BCN-6081: There is no longer a fatal error when clearing browsing data in Chrome followed by logging out of the application.

    • BCN-6395: The application no longer intermittently crashes when logging out.
    • BCN-5679: The logo is now displayed during the verification phase of creating a new Control Cloud account.

  • Device Setup and Provisioning

    • BCN-6394: Fixed an issue that causes players to not recognize the Standalone setup type.

    • BCN-5508: The Chrome client now properly validates Device Activation codes.

    • BCN-6462: There is no longer an error when the first device is added to a newly created Control Cloud account using Device Provisioning.

    • BCN-6117: The Remote Snapshot JPEG Quality Level can no longer be set to over 100.

    • BCN-4614: The Remote Snapshot Interval now indicates that it is measured in minutes.  
    • BCN-6236: Manually downloading setup files on a player with an OS version that is less than OS 8.0.119 will now cause the device to auto-update to OS 8.0.119.

  • Presentations

    • BCN-5204: The Assets tab is now the initial tab upon entering the On Demand and Media List states.

    • BCN-6369: The Audio Zone can now be properly double clicked in the Layout view.

    • BCN-6292: Imported .bpfs with a Live Text state will no longer lose their Color

    • BCN-6223: A failed presentation import no longer causes the application to crash.

    • BCN-6142: Adding a Daily timeout event to a media state no longer causes the player to constantly crash and reboot.

    • BCN-5857: The file path and file attributes of an image added to a Live Text state now display properly.

    • BCN-5800: The maximum volume of the Connector Volume command is now 100.

    • BCN-5455: A Background Image can now be properly added to the Live Text state.

    • BCN-5418: The Two Zone Vertical template is no longer mistakenly horizontal.

    • BCN-5968: Selected media states will no longer remain selected if the presentation is saved then reopened.

    • BCN-6371: Conditional targets now work properly with events.

    • BCN-6313: The application no longer intermittently crashes when a presentation is switched into Interactive mode.

    • BCN-6123: Removing a single plugin from a presentation no longer causes inconsistent command configurations.

    • BCN-6093: There is now an ‘Update Asset’ prompt when changing the media type of an Asset in an Interactive zone.

    • BCN-5848: Plugin script error messaging is now more explicit.

    • BCN-5806: Keyboard commands now work consistently within the Media List state canvas and On Demand state canvas.

    • BCN-5139: Accessing a saved presentation now moves it to the top of Recent Presentations.

    • BCN-3706: Presentations can now be published from the Presentation tab without being saved first.

    • BCN-6433: The Set Variable command fails if the value references a different User Variable.

    • BCN-6426: The application no longer intermittently crashes when a media state is deleted from the presentation canvas.

    • BCN-6222: Save As no longer incorrectly changes the default presentation file name.

    • BCN-3363: Attempting to close the application during editing will now prompt an ‘Unsaved Changes’ dialog box.
    • BCN-5538: The Width and Height of a zone in Zone Properties now properly reflects the size of 4K target resolutions.

    • BCN-4421: The Navigator pane within the Touch event canvas now properly displays the Zone that the touch region is being added to.

    • BCN-6546: The application no longer intermittently crashes when a Touch event is opened.

    • BCN-6399: Content added into a Super State will no longer disappear if a published presentation containing a Super State is re-accessed.

    • BCN-6405: The Stream Name field no longer fails to save when using a Variable with a Stream widget.

  • Content

    • BCN-2656: Fixed an issue that causes the ‘Unsaved Changes’ dialog box to not appear when creating a Dynamic Playlist.

    • BCN-5960: A fatal error no longer occurs when opening a Live Media Feed.

    • BCN-6388: Assets with the lock icon no longer have the delete icon enabled.

    • BCN-6121: Saving a Live Media Feed or Dynamic Playlist while in Local Content mode no longer causes a blank white screen to appear.

    • BCN-5534: The ‘Unsaved Changes’ dialog box no longer appears when content has already been saved.

  • Publishing

    • BCN-5984: BrightSign OS Update in Schedule now works for Series 4 players.

    • BCN-5982: Firmware updates using BrightSign OS Update in Schedule now load on players properly.

    • BCN-5766: There are no longer inconsistencies within the Simple File Network Directory when navigating away from Schedule.

    • BCN-6361: There is no longer a fatal error when attempting to publish a presentation in Local Content.
    • BCN-6251: It is no longer possible to publish a schedule using the destination type without selecting a Group.

  • Network

    • BCN-5706 + BCN-5082: The application will no longer crash when selecting a different Network once logged in.

    • BCN-6161: Last Error Time will now display ‘No Error’ if the last error time is unavailable.

    • BCN-6022: Fixed an issue that causes the user’s Email Address and Password to be clearly present in the txt file in the Chrome client.

    • BCN-5936: The location pin can now be moved freely within the GPS map view under the Device List.

    • BCN-4900: Dragging the GPS location pin under the Device List no longer causes it to appear on the opposite edge of the map.

    • BCN-4899: There is no longer a fatal error when the GPS location pin is placed on or beyond international datelines.

    • BCN-5841: Double clicking on the GPS location pin no longer causes a fatal crash and will now zoom in on the GPS map.

    • BCN-6432: The delete icon has been removed from players under the Device List.
    • BCN-5272: The View Schedule feature has been removed from the Network view.

0.37.2 (beta)


  • BCN-5715: Support for the 1920x1920x60p resolution on 4K-capable players

  • BCN-5560: The Diagnostic Web Server now has Network Packet Capture.


  • Device Setup and Provisioning 

    • BCN-5823: All players setup for the beta will now automatically update to OS 8.0.119 before provisioning begins. 

    • BCN-5748: Players setup with B-Deploy will now automatically update to OS 8.0.119.

    • BCN-5666: New Reprovisioning feature: update the provisioning package of a player through the DWS.

    • BCN-5445: Device Setups that are in use can no longer be deleted. 
    • BCN-5492: Players will now display a purple screen with a status indicator during setup.

    • BCN-5375: Applying a Partner URL no longer requires the player to reboot and have its autorun deleted.
  • Presentations

    • BCN-5428: The default Image Mode for the Video or Image zone and the Image zone is now Scale to Fit.
    • BCN-5622: The volume of video and Video In states in an interactive zone can now only be changed using the Set Volume command.
    • BCN-5107: Adding unsupported content to a non-interactive zone no longer causes the application to crash.
    • BCN-3911: The dimensions of an Asset can now be viewed in Asset Properties.
    • BCN-3430: Video states in interactive zones now have the options to Loop media if no media end transition is specified or Hold last video frame if no media end transition is specified.
    • BCN-5816: New Enable Full Resolution Graphics option in Presentation Settings for certain video modes larger than 1920x1200. See here for more details. 
    • BCN-4056: The Live Text state now has Advanced Commands.
    • BCN-5820: The application no longer crashes when a presentation contains an Audio Time Code event.
  • Content 

    • BCN-4855: A save menu with a Save As option is now available for Live Media Feeds, Live Data Feeds, Dynamic Playlists, as well as for the Presentation and Schedule tabs.
    • BCN-4871: Attempting to edit the Validity Date of a feed no longer causes the Validity Date settings to disappear. 
    • BCN-5605: Empty Dynamic Playlists, Live Data Feeds, and Live Media Feeds now contain instructional dialog.

  • Publishing 

    • BCN-4006: Players can now update their OS when publishing a presentation in the Schedule tab using Option > BrightSign OS Update.

    • BCN-4682: The Enable Serial Debugging and Enable System Log Debugging options in the Options pane of the Schedule tab are no longer enabled by default.
    • BCN-3648: Empty schedules can now be published to remove all scheduled content from a particular Group. 
  • Permissions

    • BCN-5704: The Assign to Role selection is no longer empty when adding a new user to a Control Cloud subscription.
    • BCN-5756: Users added to a Control Cloud network no longer disappear from User Management when the Network Administrator logs in.  
  • Network 

    • BCN-5721: Device Groups selected in the Hierarchy will no longer sometimes lose their delete icon when they appear under Device List.

    • BCN-5475: Players no longer disappear from the Device List if their Network Status changes.


  • Device Setup and Provisioning 

    • BCN-5657: The “Back” button is now properly displayed in Device Setup in the browser client.

    • BCN-5292: When provisioning a player running OS 8.0.48 or earlier, it will now automatically update to OS 8.0.119 while performing Device Setup to prevent an erroneous Device Activation screen. 

    • BCN-5440: In Device Setup, the Enable Serial Debugging and Enable System Log Debugging options are no longer enabled by default.

    • BCN-5914: Provisioning a player by using Apply Setup no longer triggers an inaccurate success message if the setup failed. The player will also now update to the correct device setup immediately.

    • BCN-5445: Device Setups that are in use can no longer be deleted. 

    • BCN-4477: Improper error messages no longer display when saving a device setup to an SD card. 

    • BCN-5716: Custom Limit Content Downloads values now save correctly to Setup Files. 

    • BCN-5703: Enabled Debugging options in Device Setup now save correctly to Setup Files.

    • BCN-4446: There is now a Save As To Library option when editing a Device Setup in the Device Setup Library.

    • BCN-4446: A duplicate button has been added to Device Setups in the Device Setup Library. 
  • Presentations

    • BCN-5775: The Scroll Speed of scrolling text in a Ticker zone is now converted correctly when the presentation is saved then imported.

    • BCN-5652: Text in the Name field no longer disappears when adding a Data Feed to a presentation in Presentation Settings.

    • BCN-5543: The Device Web Page error indicator now functions properly when adding a Data Feed to a presentation in Presentation Settings.

    • BCN-5482: The application no longer crashes when changing the Time to Display Each Line of an RSS Feed in a Live Text State.

    • BCN-5188: Media states in saved interactive presentations are no longer rearranged when re-accessed by the user.

    • BCN-4988: Improved Event state labeling.

    • BCN-4255: Individual Touch Regions now have the capability of using Advanced Commands.

    • BCN-4753: Fixed an issue that causes the Zone Properties of a Ticker zone to be labeled as “State Properties”.

    • BCN-4858: The Input specifies variable option for UDP events now works.

    • BCN-5600: The Volume option for audio and video states in a non-interactive zone has been fixed.

    • BCN-3951 + BCN-3695: Empty zones now contain instructional dialog.

    • BCN-5432: The Update Data Feed command now has a dropdown list of all Data Feeds defined in Presentation Settings.

    • BCN-5399: The CutCopy, and Paste options in the Edit dropdown menu now work in the desktop client.

    • BCN-3983: The properties of newly added touch regions now display properly in Touch Regions.

    • BCN-5284: Accessing the Touch event authoring window now only opens the selected touch region properties while leaving the other regions’ properties collapsed.

    • BCN-3286: The Script Plugin Name and Parser Plugin Name fields must be the same as the name of the BrightScript subroutine for added plugins to work.

    • BCN-3286: Spaces within the Script Plugin Name and Parser Plugin Name fields now trigger an error message.

    • BCN-5851: Specifying the Query String of an HTML5 state now functions properly.

    • BCN-5813: Importing a .bpf with a custom autorun now correctly prompts a fatal error message. Custom autoruns are not yet supported in BrightAuthor:connected, see here for a list of BrightAuthor features that are not yet supported in BrightAuthor:connected.
    • BCN-5812: Duplicate data feed sources in a .bpf  no longer lose their configurations once the .bpf  file is imported into the application.

    • BCN-5811: Importing a .bpf  with a custom Device Web Page no longer fails.

    • BCN-5810: Importing a .bpf  with a Portrait Orientation no longer fails.
    • BCN-5542: Data feeds not references by a media state that are imported from a BrightAuthor .bpf  will now be visible in Presentation Settings > Support Content > Data Feeds
    • BCN-5808: Media selected in Assets are now properly deselected when the user clicks anywhere within the presentation canvas.

    • BCN-5799: A Return to start after inactivity option has been added to the Media List state.

    • BCN-3916: The Delete key now properly deletes selected elements in the Presentation canvas.

    • BCN-5765: Added a scrollbar to the Library dropdown in the Presentation tab when in Local Content mode.

    • BCN-5724: BLC400 commands now have the correct Parameters.

    • BCN-5723: Touch Region settings are now properly labeled as “Event Properties”.

    • BCN-4647: Fixed an issue that causes elements to be immovable in the Live Text canvas when the Zone Size is less than full-screen.

    • BCN-5767: When media is added to a zone, the zone types in Zone Properties > Type will now properly reflect the zone type that is compatible with the media added to the zone.

    • BCN-4399: Fixed an issue that causes Touch Regions to be improperly sized when viewed in the Touch event canvas.

    • BCN-4005: The background of the Touch event canvas now properly displays the content that the event is being added to.

    • BCN-4642: The z-ordering of elements in Layers in the Live Text canvas is now reflected properly in the canvas.

    • BCN-5755: Improved presentation playback from the browser client.
    • BCN-5650: Improved memory management during presentation playback. 
    • BCN-3647: Red error indicators now appear if two of the same media states have an identical Name.

  • Content

    • BCN-5589: Dragged and dropped media from Assets now show up correctly in the presentation canvas when using the desktop client. 

    • BCN-4359: The “Unsaved Changes” dialog box no longer appears at improper times. 

    • BCN-4637: New Create New Folder option in the Change Destination Folder when uploading content to

    • BCN-2892: The Title of Assets added to a Live Media Feed is now set to the asset’s filename by default.

  • Permissions

    • BCN-5709: Adding a second user to an existing Control Cloud Network no longer gives them access to user management controls.

    • BCN-5548: Fixed an issue that caused users to be unable to add customized Permissions to Custom Roles.

  • Publishing

    • BCN-5574: Saved schedules now load correctly when accessed in Local Content Mode.

    • BCN-4882: Removed cursor hovering in the Transfer Monitor window when the progress of a transfer item is not expandable.

    • BCN-5559: When scheduling a presentation in the Schedule tab, the default Destination Type is now Local System Storage or the last destination used.

    • BCN-5291: Fixed an issue that causes players provisioned for Standalone or Simple File Network to not appear in the Network until content is published to it. 
  • Network

    • BCN-5555: Fixed Player Name inconsistencies.

    • BCN-5166: Fixed an error message that appears in the Remote DWS.
    • BCN-5594: Increased the player access token timeout from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

    • BCN-5523: Setting recovery_url to an empty string using the Remote DWS API now properly deletes the recovery URL. 

    • BCN-5472: The Remote DWS API recovery_url now correctly returns the recovery URL. 

    • BCN-5489: The Analyze Media File tool in the Diagnostic Web Server no longer misidentifies Remote Snapshot .jpg  files as video files. This tool only returns a result for audio and video files.

    • BCN-5918: Groups left unchecked in Hierarchy will no longer incorrectly appear in the Device List.

    • BCN-5947: When a player’s status changes, the player no longer occasionally disappears from the Device List when accessing the Network tab through Dashboard.

  • Admin

    • BCN-5562: “Application Preferences” text is now consistent within the Admin tab.

    • BCN-5303: Clicking Apply Changes in Application Preferences now triggers a confirmation message.


0.53.0 (beta)


  • The Control Cloud now allows network owners to create and assign additional users.


  • Device Setup and Provisioning 

    • BCN-5454: Fixed an issue that causes setup files to not publish to an SD card from the Device Setup Library if the Device Setup contains a wireless password.

    • BCN-5312: It is no longer possible to configure a player for Simple File Networking without setting a “URL for Web Folder” value.

    • BCN-4615: Enabled the Local Diagnostic Web Server password in Device Setup when using the browser client.

    • BCN-5192: Attempting to create a Simple File Network Device Setup for B-Deploy no longer causes an error.  

    • BCN-5090: The Local Diagnostic Web Server user name and password are now saved when the Device Setup is added to the Device Setup Library.  

  • Presentations 

    • BCN-5478: Specifying a Time to Display Each Line of 0 for an RSS feed in a Live Text state no longer causes the lines to refresh at an unreadable speed.

    • BCN-5386: Attempting to import a presentation while editing another presentation will no longer result in an incomplete import.

    • BCN-4339 + BCN-4350: When viewing All Presentations, the presentation directory is now based on the set content mode, either Local Content or Content

    • BCN-4928: Clicking Save As after importing a presentation re-saves the presentation as the correct default filename.

    • BCN-5526: When a Set Variable command is added to a presentation the value of the variable is no longer assumed as the user variable.

    • BCN-5514: There is no longer a crash when a user attempts to Double Click to Edit Zone Playlist then click the Presentation tab.

    • BCN-5447: Images that are too large for a presentation zone no longer trigger a “Fail to upload” error.

    • BCN-5503: When adding assets that require a resize to a presentation, the resized asset is also added to the library. 

    • BCN-5469: Media no longer disappears from an Images Zone when the presentation is published to the Content Cloud for players set up with Networking.

    • BCN-5486: A local presentation containing two HTML 5 states no longer fails to upload.

    • BCN-5117: The Media List state now works when populated from a URL feed.

    • BCN-4652: All references to Local Site input is now gone when in Content mode.
    • BCN-4640: The search box in Select Asset now works.

    • BCN-3617: A duplicate button has been added to advanced commands for media states and events.
  • Content 

    • BCN-5409: Media thumbnails are no longer missing when media is uploaded to the Content Library when in Content mode.

    • BCN-5358: It is no longer possible to create multiple Dynamic Playlists that have identical names.

    • BCN-5645: Improved handling of non-media type files.

  • Permissions 

    • BCN-5295: Users and Roles are now immediately visible after creating a network.

  • Publishing 

    • BCN-5360: Changing the Event Time of a recurring presentation now has no effect on the Start Date or End Date.

    • BCN-5313: Opening a directory twice during Simple File Network publishing no longer triggers an "Invalid presentation directory" message to display.

    • BCN-5060: Fixed an error that arises when attempting to edit user permissions for a device group.

    • BCN-5218: A “Publish” option is now available in the Unsaved Changes dialog box that appears when editing the Schedule in Content mode.

    • BCN-5217: A “Save” option is now available in the Unsaved Changes dialog box that appears when editing the Schedule in Local Content mode.

  • Network 

    • BCN-5481: Editing the properties of a group of players in Device Group no longer causes a crash.

    • BCN-5133: Communication between BrightAuthor:connected and the WebSocket server has improved.

    • BCN-5123: The Network tab is now accessible when no user is signed in.

    • BCN-5522: Removed DNS lookup re-directs for some Internet Service Providers.

    • BCN-5170: Improvements to Network name validation and feedback to the user.

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    Charles Cronin

    Web site content doesn't do anyone any good if one can't call a technical support person ... email ticketing is good to a point but emailing back and forth between technicians waists valuable customer time.   I need to talk with a real person not email back and  forth and I have tickets open with no phone contact information from technicians.   Doesn't say well about ?Bright Signs customer service.   Product might be reliable but customer service is critical when there are issues and right now we have issues ... any help is appreciated by anyone that believes is good customer service at Bright Sign.   Yes I am frustrated. 

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    Web site content is useless if one cannot contact a technical support representative... email ticketing is useful to a point, but emailing back and forth between technicians wastes valuable customer time.



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