General guidance for player OS updates

On using a particular version:

  • Ideally, BrightSign OS should be kept up-to-date, as well as your client application (i.e.BrightAuthor:connected). Especially before a new deployment, one of the very first steps should be to update the player's OS (and client application if a newer version is available) before applying a configuration to the player.
  • Newer OS versions include features that may be useful, as well as fixes to issues.

On validating a new version for use:

  • If you have more than a few players that were already configured, you may want to update a single unit (or multiple units that may be configured differently--for example wired vs wireless) and use that for your testing to verify and accept the new OS version before deploying to a larger number of players.
  • Publish a few presentations that you commonly use and monitor the behavior on the display alongside some of the key features that you typically rely on in your day-to-day publishing with the client software. In addition, check workflows that you use to manage your players to ensure they are working as expected.
  • This would allow you to uncover any issues with the updated version, and report them to the support team. This process could help protect the rest of your fleet from being negatively impacted by any change of behavior caused by the potential update.

On the frequency of update

  • It would be advisable to keep your players updated with the latest OS version. You may also consider adopting an internal policy to check for updates routinely.
  • You can also subscribe for notification of updates from our Software Downloads page.

There are a few different ways to apply an OS update. Below article may be useful;

How do I update the OS Firmware on a BrightSign player

Notes :

If you're using a CMS partner's application, they may have verified/recommended a specific OS version for use with their specific application, please contact them for guidance.

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    feanna send

    It's advisable to maintain the most current version of BrightSign OS, along with your client application (BrightAuthor:connected). Prior to deploying new content, make updating the player's OS (and the client application if available) one of your initial steps. This ensures that you're taking advantage of new features and addressing any known issues.    EZDriveMA

    If you've already configured multiple players, consider updating a single unit (or a subset with varying configurations) for initial testing. Monitor the behavior on the display and assess how it interacts with the key features you typically use. This helps you ensure that the new OS version doesn't adversely affect your day-to-day publishing activities. 

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    Yuksioa Yukiolsa

    By doing this, you can be sure that the new OS version has no negative effects on your regular publishing tasks.  ragdoll archers

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