How to un-register a player from BSN.Cloud and move it to another network

It could be that you would like to re-organize your players under different networks, and therefore need to move them to other BSN.Cloud networks, or you would like to dissociate them from BSN.Cloud to re-purpose them and use under other environments.

Regardless of how the requirement arises, here are the steps to follow;

In other to activate the player from the beginning or provision it on a new network, the player's record(registration) needs to be deleted from both under;
1. Admin>Device Provisioning
2. The Network section device list
on the old/existing network before attempting to configure it on the new network.

3. Please ensure to factory reset the player(s) before attempting to configure it again.
Performing a factory reset

If any questions arise, or if you encounter any issues, please let us know by sending an email to

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    Carlos Ordonez

    Can this be done without deactivating the players? we have them already on the field but put them with a network name we'd like to change. Do not have access to the players as they are in a store some states away. 

    Is there a way to either rename the network or move the players from an existing network to another without a factory reset?

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    Fatih Turhan


    There isn't a tool built especially for moving players across different networks. However, if you reach out to we'll be happy to help the best we can.
    The network name is closely tied with player setup/configuration, and therefore renaming a network is also not an ideal solution to this. And it's not something that we would advise in the BSN.Cloud world as it also ties with things like subscriptions/billing.

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    Thanks for share this to us !!!

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    Kathy W. Mayhugh

    Delete Player Registration from Admin>Device Provisioning:

    Access the Admin panel on your BSN.Cloud account.
    Navigate to the "Device Provisioning" section within the Admin panel.
    Locate the player's record or registration that you want to move or repurpose.
    Delete the player's registration from the "Device Provisioning" section. This step is essential to dissociate the player from the current network.
    Remove from the Network Section Device List:

    Military Star Card Customer Service

    Go to the network section of your BSN.Cloud account.
    Access the device list within the network section.
    Find the player that you've removed from the "Device Provisioning" section.
    Remove the player from the device list within the network section. This step ensures that the player is no longer associated with the old/existing network.

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