BrightSign player decommissioning guide

In order to properly decommission a BrightSign player, a few steps are needed. After following these steps the player should be restored back to the state it was delivered from the factory.


1: Disassociate your player from any cloud services it may be used with

For our BrightSign Network service reached through this is possible using the steps from the following article, up to and including step #5: How do I reassign a BrightSign Network subscription or pass to another player?

For our BSN.Cloud offering steps 1 and 2 from the following article must be performed: How to un-register a player from BSN Cloud and move it to another network

If your player was set up to use a CMS partner's offering and application, the steps could look different. It would be best to consult with the appropriate partner's support team to find out the set of steps that could be needed to disassociate from using their services.

2: Format the player's SD card

You can do this by following the steps from the FAQ here:

How do I format or erase an SD card?

3: Factory reset your BrightSign player

You'll need to follow one of these methods from the below article:

Performing a factory reset

If any questions arise, or if you encounter any issues, please contact support.

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