UDP commands in Media list (previous/next)

Hi guys,
Here's a newbie Question for BrightAuthor on a XD232.
I'd like to put a group of about 10 videos in a media list and control previous/next and pause/resume through UDP from Bitfocus Companion. I am able to do this using all my videos one by one and ettaching these 4 events to each one, but if I could do it with a media list it should be much faster and easier to add a file. My problem is that  within the media list I  can chose all sorts of events for transition to previous/next EXCEPT UDP. 
  • Is it possible to activate UDP in media lists somewhere I have not looked yet?
  • Is it possible to send a UDP command to my unit, which is tranlated into a GPIO or serial command, which then troggers the transition in the media list?
  • Or is there a better way to achieve wjhat I want than media lists?
Thanks for your help

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    Mark Richards

    Agreed, we are limited to GPIO, Zone & Synchronize events.

    The way round this is to have a second zone (I usually make this second control zone and audio zone) with an event handler for UDP events. From each of these UDP events I send a zone message which can then be used in the media playlist to change file.


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