"This BrightSign is already in the list of BrightSigns"

Getting this in the latest versions of BA Connected when I try and add my units to the list of networked units so I can publish to them.

I'm not sure why the list isn't showing up properly, is there a file I can delete to remove all the units in the list to start over fresh?


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    Olivier Page

    I've exactly the same problem with BA connected 1.7.17

    2 players are missing from the list ( 12 are showing  in Local Network)

    I f I try to manually add a new one with IP adress (Add Local Network Unit) , all i have is "the bright sign is already in the list of bright sign devices"


    -I'm new with Brightsign 

    -brightsign players are on a "not internet connected network"

    -my computer is on another network (so no Bonjour protocol is working)

    But I can use them ... when they are on the list


    Thanks !

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    Axel Ojeda

    From my experience factory reset the misreporting devices works or just re-installing the BrightAuthor,simple but effective solutions

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