Presence detector for HD222

We are planning to involve interactivity in our video installations with HD222 players so that when people enter the room the volume level increases, and if the room is empty volume goes back to the original level.

Since people who enter the room might sit on a couch and watch videos for an hour without moving a lot it would be important that the presence detection is very exact.

Can you recommend any brands or vendors of motion and presence detectors that work well with the GPIO port of the HD222 and could solve the problem?

I found http://www.intelli-sign.com/ and http://www.hms-electronics.com/ , but not sure how exact they work.

Any help would be appreciated!


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    Alex Official comment

    Our partner, HMS electronics, develops and manufactures motion sensors and button control panels specifically for BrightSign products. See http://www.hms-electronics.com/BrightSign/brightsign_products.htm

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    Martins Prieditis

    Hello, i'm trying to use this PIR sensor https://www.dfrobot.com/wiki/index.php/Digital_Infrared_motion_sensor_(SKU:SEN0018) with HD223 player. ground is connected to ground, VC to 3.3V and Alarm to GPIO input 9. But it doesn't trigger a video. Any suggestions what is wrong?

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    Martins Prieditis, did you resolved your MOTION SENSOR issue you reported?  I am trying to accomplish such task, but theses links seems to be 'OUT OF ORDER", and I need to deploy a compatible MOTION SENSOR for LS player..any help will be more than appreciated . 

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