Starting BA with different parameter for different units.

Hi guys

let me explain how I use BA since now, because is a little bit complex and with large possible of error and maybe there is a better way to use it.

We use simple file network mode on a private server with static ip. For any device we make a different shared folder, and different "simple file networking parameter".

So those are the steps that I do:

-on the "edit" tab, open the last device's presentation and modify it as I need

-on the "Publish" tab, modify the Simple File Networking Parameters like user, password, shared folder etc

-modify the "publish to" shared folder path

-public the project

-public the schedule xml file on correct shared folder


OK, this is a little bit complex, but more important is very dangerous to make any mistake like public on wrong shared folder or wrong user and password; and any time I need to modify one element of a different unit I need to change all parameter....

There is any better way to use different units via BA, for example using shortcut exe parameters?




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    I don't know what you mean by change one parameter on a unit requiring you to change all parameters.


    You are correct that the simple networking feature, which goes through a webserver, does have the possibility of more errors.


    You could host mrss feeds on your webserver, and use those feeds to deliver content to your players. We have a batch file on our downloads page that will generate an mrss feed from the contents of a folder. SO, someone could upload images to a folder, and have the server scheduled to run the batch file periodically to update the feed.

    ON the webserver, you could create a script that checks the incoming serial number or unit name, and responds with  the current sync path that matches that player. That way, even if  user got the details wrong, the server would always reply with the path defined for that serial number or unit name. 

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    Many thanks for the answer, let me explain better. We have multiple brightunits with which we manage multiple ledwall in various locations. The problem comes when I have to modify (for example) one jpg on a single unit. To modify a single jpg I have to:

    load related project for the correct unit

    modify the project

    save it

    move to "publish" tab

    modify the "set parameter" tab with username, password and url of my server (there is one url for each unit)

    program schedule

    Modify the path for "publish to" parameter

    publish the project on the server

    save the autoschedule xml file on the server


    Will be marvelous if loading a project could load all the correct parameters writes above (maybe saved in the project), and not the previous used instead.

    It could seem not a very important thing but when you have 20 units to manage it Becomes an incredible waste of time for each modify, and very dangerous  (I think for example to publish in a wrong folder of different unit, in case I forgot  to update some paramenter).

    For what concern the MRSS I dont know if It could be usefull for our projects. We use complex interactive projects, with sync, multi state, live input...
    I take a look for it asap

    Thanks again

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    I definitely understand the limitations of the web server setup. I have logged a few bugs including a request to have something like a profile you could select when publishing that would set all the valid parameters. So, if you choose to publish to folder A, then all the folder A settings are applied. 

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    Thanks for your fantastic support

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