"Match Player Tags" not working in BrightAuthor


We have been creating tagged playlists in the Web UI to filter content based on a 'type' and then playing to a specific player by matching the player 'location' tag to a video tagged with a 'type' and 'location'.

Video 1 - [type:intro][location:a]
Video 2 - [type:intro][location:b]
Tagged Playlist - [type|is|intro] (match player tags to media tags)

Now we've started using BrightAuthor to produce more advanced presentations with multiple zones, we are unable to recreate this functionality.

Crating a tagged playlist successfully filters the correct content, but when we add it as a 'Media RSS feed' and select 'tagged playlist', checking the box marked 'Match Player Tags' does not work. All the media plays out in order and disregards the player tag which is for example [location:a].

Therefore (Player [location:a]), plays out all content [type:intro] [location:a] AND [type:intro] [location:b]. Rather then just [location:a].

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here but can't for the life of me figure out what it is. I appreciate that the workflow on WebUI is different than BA but this has stumped me.

Does this only work when the video is full screen rather than as a portion in a multi zone presentation?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, GF


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    Cage Nut

    In the past I found that using a single tag per player worked, but it didn't work with two tags per player.

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    Gary Fitzhugh

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Incidentally I was trying to add a second tag to the players in order to further filter the content when this happened so it could be the issue. I'll see if there's a way I can rearrange the content and players to work around this limitation.

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    Ilan Borowski

    I'm having the same issue but i'm using only one player tag. Were you guys able to figure it out?


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