Cursor disappears when a presentation has 2 - 4 zones.

I created a single slide presentation with a single zone "VideoOrImages".  This single zone presentation configured as "VideoOrImages" displays the mouse cursor.

The cursor is not displayed (the issue) when a single slide presentation has 3 or 4 zones.  Zone 1 and 2 are configured as "Video OrImages" while the 3 and 4 zones are configured as "Images".

When the cursor disappers, the issue, the selectable text will show the highlight that indicates that mouse works and is hovering over a portion of text, but the cursor's cross hairs are not displayed.

Any suggestions to enable the cursor's cross hairs when a presentation has multiple zones?


Hardware Specs:

BrightAuthor version:

BrigthSign Player: XT1144, Firmware version 8.0.119, Autorun version 7.10.5

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