Brightsign AU335 play 2 audio files at the same time


Can two audio files be played at the same time by the AU335, and can these audio file be triggered seperately by buttons.

The setup I am thinking of, is one player connected to two mono handsets, each with a button to start playback. Left audio channel would play one file and right audio channel would play the other one.



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    Yes, I have been doing this for years with their HD and LS series players.  You create a new project with two audio zones only. Zone 1 will be one channel and Zone 2 the other.  Under Zone properties, select the Analog stereo output only and select Audio Mixing - Left for Zone 1 and the same but Right for Zone 2.  Make your audio files MONO.

    I typically use GPIO input 0 for playing the file on Zone 1 and GPIO 1 for playing on Zone 2.  I'll start from an event handler as Home and select Stop playback on on its properties.  Drag a GPIO trigger to the audio file, and an end of media back to the event handler.  Also I'll add the same GPIO number trigger back from the audio file to the handler, but with opposite trigger logic (trigger on UP, not down, if a switch is held on for playback from a handset) so that the audio file will stop if the user hangs up the handset before the audio file is finished.  That logic all depends upon your switch contacts of the handset, if they are normally open or closed when it is hung up.

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    Eric Fauque


    Thanks for your reply.

    It's exactly what I needed! 
    Clear and complet explanations.


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