Simple Interaction - Send Zone Message to change Audio not working

Hi All,

I am baffled as to why the Audio is not changing in my simple system.
I have 2 zones, "Audio", that has an Event handler which has a load of Zone Message Event handlers, which transition to new state, and Audio Playlists, which contain an Audio track, and "Main" which handles the button clicks.

I must be missing something really simple, as it's just not working.

Main -> Click to Animals:
1) Sends to Animals Image,
2) Sends Zone message to Audio

Main Zone (Video or Images)





Audio Zone (Audio only)

Zone listener


I have tried both Send Zone command on the Button click in advanced, and on the Image itself (Entry commands).... 

I have created a SUPER simple interactive to test (available on Google Drive) if anyone would be kind enough to test and let me know what I'm missing.


I am pretty sure it is something really silly. Any help greatly appreciated!


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