Help setting up as a Fourwinds player

I am trying to set up a new xt1144 as a networked fourwinds player but can't seem to get it to install the fourwinds content player app. Currently I am trying to push a custom application url through brightauthor:connected, and the guides on poppulo's site are little to no help. If anyone can help me walk through getting the content player set up that would be great, thanks. 

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    Ken Campbell


    Fourwinds is a Brightsign partner, so I’d imagine Fourwind’s first-level tech or pre-sales support is practiced with getting people up and running on their platform. Have you reached out to them?

    I only spent a few minutes searching, but I couldn’t find any publicly available documentation or download (ie. a Brightsign package). Is it just a URL that you put into an HTML widget?

    Their website is mostly an exercise in marketing, with little to no technical details.


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