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Hi Friends,

I have recently created a presentation in BA Connected for several HD224 but the client has added additional players which will be HD1024 and XT1143 units. 

How can I modify the presentation to suit the new player types?

We are using BSN.cloud content for distribution.

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    Ken Campbell


    I don't know of any way to switch the Brightsign model in a presentation, but you probably don't need to.

    Have you tried deploying your existing presentation to the new devices?

    The HD224 and HD1024 are the same device, with the exception of the USB and serial ports. 

    Even though the XT1143 is a series 3 device, there's no reason I can think of that the presentation wouldn't run unmodified... unless you're using a feature in your presentation specific to series 4 devices.

    The only place in the stock autorun.brs that checks the presentation-specified model against the device-reported model is a check for whether the player is an obsolete model incompatible with the presentation such as the HD110, HD210, HD410, HD9xx, HD1010, etc. These players are from around 2008-2010.

    Edit: There is an old thread on the forum that touches on this, pre-BrightAuthor Connected: 




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