Having issues with projects built for XD1035 in BrightAuthor and not playing on the XD1035 player.

My company recently purchased a new series 5 XD1035 player. I created an interactive project in BrightAuthor for the XD1035 and I'm having trouble getting the published files to play on the player, when I place the sd-card into the player the screen is blank. Weird but If I build the project for a XT1144 (which is another player we have) and publish it and put that sd-card into the XD1035 player the project shows up fine on the screen.

My workflow is using BrightAuthor on a PC and publishing the project to sd-card.

I'm using BrightAuthor v5.0.1.2 and the BrightSign Firmware is v9.0.51


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    Here is a link to the BrightAuthor project, the assets used for the project, and a sd-card folder with the published project in it.


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    Monica Knutson

    There have been five firmware updates to the 5-series players that may help with this since your version of 9.0.51.

    The current version is 9.0.110.

    The presentation looks solid.  I would suggest changing the video mode in the presentation to perhaps 1920x1080x60p.  I've had some monitors not play back 1920x1080x30p presentations.


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