Recommendations for BrightSign Displays?

My digital signage (and limited kiosk) application requires that I have my 27"+ LCD/plasma (flat) displays be shut off overnight and turned on in the morning WITHOUT human intervention... The "host" locations don't want to pay for the extra electricity for running the digital signage 24/7 if no one is there to see it from lets say 10pm - 9am or basically overnight.

I plan on using BrightSign's to run the displays, but the CURRENT software/firmware doesn't support a real-time clock. In another thread, it was suggested that a single-board-comptuer be used to handle the on/off functions based on a serial-input string from the BrightSign.

Alternately, a PC-type monitor that goes into hibernation when no video signal is present would be another great alternative (27"+).

Is there anyone out there that can recommend a display device that will work with the BrightSign units that can give me the functionallity that I'm looking for? Thanks in advance...


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    You might try setting up Brightsign so that it roughly counts time using the known lengths of your media files e.g., each time a file is played a counter is incremented the appropriate amount of time. Once the desired time is reached, clear the variables, send out a "Turn Off" command to a UPS via serial on Brightsign and start a timer to turn back on in the morning. You ought ot be able to tell just about any display whether to turn back on after a power outage, or to remain off. Tell it to turn back on!

    Hopefully, in the near future you will be able to use a RTC instead...

    - Mike
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    There's a line of Sony displays that are specifically made for retail display solutions.  They have a multitude of inputs and have the ability to automatically turn off at specific hours.

    We have two in our office - a 30" and 42" - and we can actually resell them.  It's the FWD series of monitors.  Please feel free to contact us at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:sales@techsuperpowers.com">sales@techsuperpowers.com</a><!-- e --> if you'd like more info.


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