Rollover changes but content does not (HD600)

I have bought a couple of these units used to evaluate for our museum installations and have run into this problem. Every now and then, I will touch a rollover touch zone and the rollover bitmap will be displayed but the content does not change (it does not trigger the prescribed video/picture). The rollover image stays until the point is touched again. I am using the latest autoplay.bas and a .csv file for the program. This doesn't happen on any specific touch point or on any specific media trigger (ie: if it is triggering a video, picture, or sound).

Any thoughts?


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    I sent you an email. I'd like to see a sample of the csv file you are using. Also, how often do rollover regions fail to trigger properly? Does this happen if you use a mouse? A mouse will use the same trigger points as the touchscreen.
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    Hello Lyndon,

    I emailed a reply with the files to you.  I am going to check on the screen to make sure it is sending out proper data but, just today, someone came in to try my demo and commented that he locked it up when the rollover changed and the image did not.  Of course it wasn't locked up, but this is the situation I do not want to be in when it would be installed for the public.  In some way, the system would have to react to the rollover or process a 'roll off' regardless of anything else that happens (ie: if the touchscreen data changes very rapidly).

    Just a thought - but does the firmware send the touch message after the drawing of the rollover?  Since these rollovers are large, could a second touchpoint from the screen affect the rollover and touch position message?
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